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Fempreneur and Sustainability Geek

I joggle with words, think systemic and build things.



Journalistic writing.


Poetric writing.

Let me help you put your message in the right word. To find the story that suits your brand and make it flourish through letters.

Languages: English I Deutsch


Green concepts & Branding

All of my career I have worked project-based. And I know the difficulties to manoeuvre an entrepreneurial field, especially paired with green concepts.

With an eye on details and the desire to see your project as my own, I am eager to share some lessons learned. We will be able to scale your idea or concept to the next stage and beyond.

Picture: ©Viktor Holm


Instagram and Influencer Management

I believe Facebook will die soon. So let's together explore the richness of Instagram and how you can collaborate with (sustainable) bloggers and influencers that match your brand.

From being an influencer myself, I use the insights to provide an individualized package. 

Picture: ©Viktor Holm



Chief Editor of the Conscious Closet Guide. Download here.

A basic guide to Slow Fashion and all its aspects

Writer of Yellow Sunlight for Your Soul. Download here.

A personal collection of poetry, split into three chapters: Fascination I Letting Go I Sex.

Green concepts and branding


Due to confidentiality of clients, please request samples via, sorry!

Instagram and Influencer Management


Check out my own Instagram. 

Branding Strategy.

Content Curation. 

Instagram Takeovers.

Due to confidentiality of clients, please request samples via, sorry!