What is this?

My platform of expression. Opinions, feelings and thoughts on topics that interest me. I've once started with a fashion experiment (check it here). This experiment massively influenced my career and I'm now active in the fields of entrepreneurship and sustainability. This space helps me to show how easy a more sustainable lifestyle can be and how much fun old clothes can bring. And you can hire me.


Who are you?

Ooops, someone skipped my About page. Oh well, here is the link, just read more about me there. Or stalk me on other socials, like LinkedIn and Instagram. And who are you, if I may ask?

What is sustainability to you?

Preserving the resources we have on this planet for future generations. My generation has it all and treats each other as if there was nothing existing. Consciousness should be integrated in all your daily activities to strive for a better and longer lasting world. You as an individual and you as a business.


Why am I reading this?

Well, don't ask me. You must have been soaking up all of the previous content, until you've finally found the smallest ever hint that there is even a FAQ about this space. So here we are. Hi there. 


How can I reach out to you?

Via mail: hej@kimgoeseko.com or the contact page