Sustainable Yoga Mats in the making

I'm very proud of hejhej-mats. Not only because they are inspiring friends, but also because they prove what great entrepreneurial environment Malmö offers to start a business. And it's a sustainable one. May I introduce: the crowdfunding video of hejhej-mats.

These girls have the guts to embrace their idea. A world without plastic pollution. And as yogis, they discovered that none of the existing products really satisfy their need for sustainability. And the decision was quickly made. Anna and Sophie want to create a sustainable yoga mat. 

This summer, Anna and Sophie, whom I've met through my Masters, moved in to the apartment for a short period of time. But what happened there was magical. We would hustle together in our kitchen. Me on my multiple projects and them on their sustainable social enterprise. They vision to create closed loop yoga mats which are fully made of recycled off-cuts. Calls after calls, emails after emails finally their prototypes arrived. The room was filled with mats and sparkling eyes. But things had to be done quick. Both will be leaving in less than a week. But capturing the scenery of Malmö with the yoga mats would have been amazing for their video. So we joint forces. Together with Elina, my awesome photographer friend, they toured around the city, equipped with their prototypes to capture the vibe of the city. Industrial backgrounds meet the silent sea. 


Support their crowdfunding goal of 20k here


Every cent counts. Even if you want to only donate some 5€. It will help them to reach their goal and set a sustainable impact in the world.