Authenticity and networking brings you places. glore x Kim.

This sponsored blog post is one of many great example on why you should run your business mindfully, care about your authenticity and consequently seal more deals. I am sharing with you the insights of a long-lasting relationship between the German brand glore and me and why you should check out their latest store in Heidelberg.

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Let’s begin at the very first existence of this blog. I’ve started writing without any commercial intentions in 2015. The purpose was basically to blurb out my thoughts and to keep track of an experiment; back then I was not buying fast fashion for a year. So when I started, a genuine man sitting at his Nürnberg office has discovered my content and wanted to share my blog. Bernd, founder of glore. We’ll come back to him.

About Glore Heidelberg

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Bernd is founder and CEO of glore, which originally started with an online shop and a physical space in Nürnberg, Southern Germany. By now, the concept of selling sustainable items, - fashion, beauty and much more, has established itself in eight different locations in the German-speaking area. From up North in Hamburg, to Frankfurt to South in Luzern, Switzerland.

glore stands for Globally Responsible and funnily enough, my dearest friend Sarah ended up working with them now. Small world of great and globally responsible people I’d say!

Bernd and I have occasionally seen each other at Berlin Fashion Week but no more than that. After some years of silence, Bernd has reached out to me regarding his store opening in Heideberg, Germany. 

Having a shop with sustainable clothes in your city makes a green solution much better accessible. There are indeed great online shops for fair fashion too, but browsing items with haptic senses is a very different experience.

“Heidelberg may be the most beautiful fair fashion location I’ve ever discovered.” Bernd

In October 2018 a Fair Fashion Shop, Fair Friedrich, closed down. When he heard about these unfortunate happening, he wanted to keep up the sustainable vibe of the location. The store is connected to the coffee bar Friedrich, which is another great reason to visit Heidelberg. The connection of both locations, coffee and a sustainable shop make it a great concept.

Isabel Plett is the shop manager for the Heidelberg location and an organic make-up artist by trait.

Heidelberg also offers other fair and sustainable discoveries: Fremdformat is a jewellery label that produces at their newly opened studio in Heidelberg. I’ve been following the journey of the two female founders for a while now.

Why am I telling you this story?

Well, I’ve been asked to write about the shop opening which I’ve followed ever since Bernd knew he needed someone to run the shop. He picked my blog for its authenticity and would have never done so if we wouldn’t have kept in touch.

If there is something I’ve learned throughout the years of collaborating, then it’s to truly to be yourself, even when doing business. I can promise that if you go around in this beautiful world and space with good intentions, people are more likely to do business and collaborations with you.

Since surprisingly, this blog is still alive, it brings me great business collaborations and projects. I write about whatever the heck I find relevant to my audience. I care about when and how to place advertisements and I really want to support people who do great things like glore. Because back in the days, these guys wrote an article (in German) about my first experiment of not buying fast fashion for a year here. My first ever feature. The excitement was indeed big. And now I’m writing about their new shop opening. Karma, people, karma.

Talking about authenticity

Talking about authenticity: I’m delighted that people approach me for collaborations. Since the blog is not my main source of income (not at all to be honest), I’m happy for all inbound requests I got throughout the years. I couldn’t be happier to be spending time writing about stuff I care about deeply.

Don’t except all inbound though

I’m not saying you should be an over-friendly person and say yes to everything that comes at you. Authenticity and doing business mindfully is also a lot about awareness. Is this an opportunity for both of the parties and do both get a good value out of it? Often times, brands exploit bloggers and writers by paying little money. Don’t except the deal, if a business is not generating any value to you, your brand, your skills or your pocket. Being authentic and true to yourself, there are easy ways to decline inbound requests.

But coming back to the actual purpose of this post. Let’s look at some beautiful impressions of the new store in Heidelberg.

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Find opening hours and the brands curation here on the website of the Heidelberg shop.

And remember, fellow readers, staying true to yourself will bring you places.