When the öko becomes an eko. A career update.


Here is a little status update on what has happened over the summer. My professional life intertwining with my private life. And if that's not interesting to you, wait for the next blog post about sustainable yoga mats coming later today.

(c) Elina Nomad

(c) Elina Nomad

Everything kicked off with doing the split between a masters programme and working with VinoKilo. Located in Malmö, Sweden (yeah, I keep repeating that, as some still don't know that the third biggest city in Sweden in Malmö. After Gothenburg and Stockholm). I have learned a lot about social innovation and grass root initiatives, as well as the start-up ecosystem of Malmö. The city is very progressive in terms of giving support to young businesses. And that's what makes it sexy.

Early on I had the opportunity to deep dive into the entrepreneurial scene of the city for VinoKilo. I've received guidance by a creative space called Drivhuset and sat at a free co-working space, StartUp Lab. All of this paired with Scandinavian clean cafés and a lot of like-minded people gave me a feeling of comfort. And we managed to kick off our first event in the Nordics, where this awesome trailer has been filmed:

Malmö simply feels right. The size of the city reminds me of my hometown Mainz.

It's not only about the inspiring humans you see in the video, but further more about all the opportunities I can see here.With a well-developed ecosystem it is very easy to create your own projects and start a company. And it's the charm of neighbourhoods like Möllan or the calm sea that make me forget about the dark winters.

All what I've been doing so far was motivated by sustainability. A master called Leadership for Sustainability, a blog about sustainable fashion and the social enterprise VinoKilo. My thesis with the topic of the Sharing Economy quickly became another interest and the creative juices started flowing.

What if I decide to stay here and live a life as expat? What if I challenge myself once more to start something new? What if?

Fast forward. Sunday October 1st, 2017.

(c) Elina Nomad

(c) Elina Nomad

I'm sitting in my apartment in Möllan, preparing the next blog post. I'm taking my time to rest, as I will head to my new job tomorrow. Being part of the team at Drivhuset, we serve as a pre-incubator for people with ideas and no clue. We guide, inspire and connect them, before they head off to the depth of the ecosystem. And I'm planning some more fun things. Like workshops, influencer mingles and creating a community in Malmö, which I can now officially call my new home. VinoKilo will still be on my agenda, but I'm for now part of an advisory board. With my greater vision to make a local impact in Sweden, I decided that this is the best solution.

And that's why kim goes öko changed to kim goes eko.

It will be adventurous, colorful, experimental and authentic.