Social entrepreneurship in a cup. // get 10% off a menstrual cup and do good

(c) Hanna Hempel

(c) Hanna Hempel

To all the humans out there who have a cup already or consider getting one, this blog post is for you. I want to present the topic of social entrepreneurship with a local business from Malmö and show you how great it is to build an enterprise that does good for society. And as a reward, you can score 10% off your flowcup menstrual cup

Once upon a time, when having an entrepreneurial breakfast mingle, Diana approached me. She is the doer behind flowcup. And that's not only a simple menstrual cup. It's much more. It's what every business should be, - a creator of good.

Why a menstrual cup?

Because it's sustainable. In multiple ways.

1 // Females have their period for approximately 40 years of their life, 3 - 7 days a month. That equals 3000 days of our life's we spend with our periods. And that results in 10.000 - 17.000 tampons (which is the most used hygiene product for this matter). By using one menstrual cup for a duration of up to 5 years, you save the environment a lot of waste. Often times, menstrual cups are sold at zero waste shops because they reduce waste enormously. You can use the cup for your monthly flow instead of tampons or sanitary towels. Which means you could save those 17.000 tampons. 

2 // And using the cup saves you some ca$$$h. 

Lets say that's what it usually looks like: 

4 Tampons per day x 0,20 € x 5 days x 12 months x 40 years = 1920 €. Excluding the pain killers and contraceptives. Because these you can continue taking when using a menstrual cup.

But when using a cup, you would get a new cup every 5th year (40/5 = 8 cups). And each cup costs 27€ (with my 10% discount code). That's 216€ for the 40 years. You could safe more than 1.700€! Treat your pussy with some glorious sex toys or whatsoever. But just don't spend it on waste-producing hygiene articles...

3 // Support woman in need. But I'll come to that later again when picking up on Social Entrepreneurship.

And why else to use a cup? Well, I can totally recommend the three videos I've posted earlier! They provide further 7 good reasons to use a cup, entertain you to the max (video 2, sequence at 2:10 min!!!!) and even show you how to use it. Yeah, it can be pretty scary to use that relatively huge piece of silicon. But trust me, it fits. 

Sustainability and entrepreneurship in combination.

Despite the fact that it is better for the environment to use less tampons and the re-usable option, flow cup has one important concept: buy one, give one. With every purchase made, one cup is given to girls in South Africa, Namibia and Sri Lanka.

And further, you support a small local business. In fact, you support single mum Diana to have a good life. And that's what truly inspires me instead of a Diva or Moon Cup, where it's a big anonymous corporate.

Score 10% your flow cup with the code 'wegoeko'

What is social entrepreneurship?

To me it is the businesses and start-ups that solutions to social, cultural and environmental issues. They serve the greater society, or People / Profit / Planet, with their service or product. By that they can be for-profits or non- for profit entities. But either way, the goal is to not only serve the direct customers only, but have the idea and mission to create value for the society.

And with this example I want to highlight how important it is that more and more social entrepreneurs make an impact. Robin does with VinoKilo and I'm incredibly proud and excited about the enormous impact he makes with the team.

Who is your favorite local social entrepreneur? Tell me in the comments below!

Note that the calculation is based on my experience of how many tampons to use throughout one cycle. And how much tampons cost in Germany.