Disrupting the adult movie industry. Erika Lust and your free month of feminist porn

This blog post combines the purest relaxation and slow living approaches with the newest disruption of an ever booming industry. Feminism and porn. And you can get access to plenty of aesthetically pleasing movies for a whole month. Hold your breath and read how. 

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

I've earlier introduced two female creators and female lead businesses that disrupt the approach of porn. Read about OMGyes and Erika Lust and her platform xconfessions here in my blog post about both.

Erika Lust is an inspiring creator of adult movies in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

"I pledge to create new waves in adult cinema, to show all of the passion, intimacy, love and lust in sex: where the feminine viewpoint is vital, the aesthetic is a pleasure to all of the senses and those seeking an alternative to mainstream porn can find a home." Erika Lust

There is a deeply rooted urge to disrupt this industry. The sex industry has been existing ever since ancient Roman times and human kind has existed. It's perception nevertheless has never really changed. Still in the 21st century, society avoids addressing topic such as self-pleasure, watching adult movies or sexual desires. On top of that, little have woman been considered in this construct. Addressing mainly those who purely focus on sexual sensation and adjusting the aesthetics to their needs does not suit those who want to combine the pleasure of sex with arts. And to be honest, for some decades has this industry missed to keep up with trends, innovation and new technology. Erika Lust and her platform xconfessions have found a way to bridge several aspects of this highly old school understanding.

Erika firstly makes movies that I would never call porn. They're featuring normal people and show intimacy in an artsy way. Further, they recreate the desires of ourselves: on xconfessions, you can anonymously send in your desires, which could potentially be the script for the next movie. And if so, you're the lucky one to receive a one year membership for free. Being a woman herself, the female role is crucial in her work. Most female actors do not fit the stereotypical porn star in any way. After watching some movies I have to admit they're still representing the desired body type our society favors. It's an early approach about body positivity, yet portraying only thin and sporty looking body types. But nevertheless, they're not the busty blonds you have in mind when thinking of porn! They're much more like you and me. And in fact, one movie even includes a down-to earth Spanish girl, Cintia, who crushed on one of the actors of the platform (she exists for real, I found her Insta). Making her dream come true, she met Owan Grey, her all time crush to film her first ever sex scene. This is one of the stories and confessions submitted on the platform. With many others that may suit your desires, dreams and Fetisch even more...

Erika does art. She does art based on our dreams.

I feel that with the recent feminist wave reaching the sphere I live in, this is a topic I want to address with my community.

I've been following Erika and xconfessions for a while and babooom, now there's a special offer you should not miss. You can have access to all movies on xconfessions free of charge for a whole month, expires end of September. The month after the platform will charge about 15€ monthly, but if you cancel within the first month, no transaction will ever happen. My recommendation is thus: Sign up to the platform and immediately consider, if you want to extend the membership on a rolling basis or cancel it after the free month. Sign up here and when you see the form, tick the 5th box from the end of the page (it says something about the first month for free) to make magic happen.

Closing the loop, - what does this have to do with Entrepreneurship and Sustainability?

Yeah, the red threat is not fully existing here, but let me help you out...


New business models are generally rising to solve problems. For example to cover the unsatisfied needs of a chosen target group. Start-ups grow, as they have successfully found their niche to serve it in a innovative manner. That's exactly what's happening here. A new wave of businesses (Erika Lust, OMGyes, Cindy Gallop, etc.) focuses on an existing sector, adult movies and the sex industry, to pair it with a new approach. Erika Lust and her team address mainly woman which have not been targeted according to their needs yet. And a more extreme example for the industry being paired with recent trends is #sextech. It's on the rise, making use of virtual reality for porn. Let your mind wander of and think of it for a second...


Erika Lust is by now a Barcelona based company with a great team. Erika herself is a successful business woman running multiple projects and websites: xconfessions, lustcinema, a store and even an eBook, guidetogoodporn.com. She's leading a team towards a disruptive vision. She's a change maker and from what I see, quite a successful one. And that's what the world needs: Doers that disrupt by thinking outside the box.


Our society can only function without harming each other, if we peacefully coexist. By positioning the female role in porn equally to the rather male dominated, we're having the perfect example of feminism. We want woman to be considered in this industry, just as equal as man. And just as equal as anyone who does not identify male or female. By doing so, we grant any individual the right to participate in a whole new level. By these new disruptions, we're being taught that it's normal to watch porn despite genderism. For so many, still a dirty word and taboo topic. But now we're being taught it's normal. Because what we need to solve major problems is open communication and breaking boundaries and old structures. A stage to anyone to express themselves. Even if it's anonymously on xconfessions or by becoming the new (adult-) movie star...


I'm stroked I can make use of my blog to talk about anything that I want to share with the world. It's important to be part of a movement towards sustainability. And just like body positivity or sharing vegan recipes, this is a movement towards feminism in today's society. There are plenty vegan blogs, fair fashion inspirations, zero waste advocates and so on. I today want to highlight something else than that. It's about sharing openly what we can all do differently to live together. And it's to take away fears and old habits and structures. Tear down these old walls of narrow minded thinking. And maybe this blog post is to show gratitude to woman who rock and disrupt.

(Ironically I've been sitting in a coworking space in Malmö to formulate my thoughts. And browsing for picture and the websites, I catch myself hiding the screen so no one glimpses on the dirty sites I'm browsing on... Still a long way to go.)

But wonderful guys, I'm happy to receive criticism and opinions in the comments below guys, thanks for paying attention all the way through!