Earth Overshoot Day. 13 - 8 - 2

Today is Earth Overshoot Day. What does that mean?

By August 2nd, our world population has consumed more resources than the earth is able to reproduce. In only 8 months we have consumed the resources that should have lasted us a full year.

A great example to understand what's happening is the following: By today, you will have spend all your annual salary already, even the one of the upcoming months. Too much vacay and too little thinking and planning, huh?

The Global Footprint Network calculates the worldwide consumption to point out the limits of natural resources to our society. Which means: The global demand for natural resources exceeds the ability of the earth to make these resources available in a sustainable manner (i.e, to be renewed).

I've came across this campaign in 2015. But time is getting shorter and shorter. Two years ago, the Earth overshoot day has been calculated to be August 13th. Last year, August 8th and this year August 2nd. 13 to 8 to 2.

"Humanity is currently living as if it had 1.7 earths per year. But she has only one thing. And in 2020, the annual consumption will be even two earths a year, 2050 even three planets a year." WWF

I'm usually an optimist, trying to show with my messages how easy and fun sustainability may be. But this information shall not be underestimated and shows the impact we as society have. Each one of us can make a great impact, no matter which mode of sustainability we pick. Let it be veganism, feminism, the zero waste movement or minimalism. Each of these chosen lifestyles or philosophies are helping us to live a more sustainable life and I appreciate everyone to take a single action. Even the tiniest and most simple ones. Let's work on this together... 

Wise words from Death to the stock:

If you want to read more (like criticism of the calculation or more details), check this Utopia report and Google translate it, or check the Global Footprint Network s website.