I'll be travelling to LA - hook me up!

In less than two weeks I will be travelling to California. That offers a great amount of opportunities, since I will be in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Or at least think about going to these places. But I need your help, so please tell me:

where to go

whom to meet

what to do

where to eat

As my family lives in both, LA and SF, I can easily float around between both. Arriving in LA while Fashion Revolution week is a shame, as I will be missing out on great thinks happening in both, Sweden and Germany. But in some cases it's family first.

I highly believe in the concept of community and bet there are plenty of great tips you have. Like the most instagramable wall in West Hollywood? This one crazy artist I should meet for a coffee? Or a store that's the Bohemian dream?

I would love to experience LA in an inspiring way. Let me dig into non-touristy stuff, uncovering how green and sustainable this city can be. Let me dive into it.

Here are some inspirations:

  • green fashion blogger
  • vegan cafés (with good WiFi haha)
  • inspiring small and secret art galleries
  • spots to shoot new outfits
  • bars with great Gin Tonic
  • secret beaches with locals only

Leave some recommendations in the comments here which I highly appreciate. Do link your Instagram account, so I can tag you in the pictures once I arrive :)