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With my blog, I of course want to post stuff that is relevant for you, as well as fun to write for me. But it's also important to answer all questions I haven't yet answered to you guys, so I've opened up a page for Q&A and that's where the magic happens. You can reach me directly, ask me anything anonymously and yes, take advantage of that haha. At least I would be critical and nosy with stuff. So here we go, my first answers:

Part I: Business related

How do you decide which city to tackle with VinoKilo?

It's definitely not me who decides on that. We're a brilliant team of about 10 people and where to go is mainly strategy and a hint of luck and destiny. Yes, I do believe in fate. We've so far been to Germany, Netherlands and finally also Sweden. At the same time, we want to become meet as many Vintage Lovers as possible in Europe.

So let's take the German market. We've been to big cities (Hamburg and Cologne), smaller cities (Düsseldorf and Stuttgart) as well as even smaller cities (Mainz and Münster). It highly depends on how many visitors we can expect per city as well as what brilliant location we can find. Because once a location is set, we're hustling hart to make things happen. But finding a good location, with everything we need takes patience and good research. What helps most is recommendations by our community. We simply don't know where the cool kids in Stockholm hang out, because we don't live there. But maybe so do you and we appreciate any recommendations in terms of locations.

We're open to any city, where we have enough facts telling us that the event will be a success. So let's see, maybe soon we will be in Oslo or Porto?!


Where will VinoKilo be next?

Easy one. Check out our Facebook calendar here. We have some locations in the pipeline, but often we publish them the same night as we get a final go and sign the contract. Just to make the Vintage Lovers happy and being as transparent as possible.


How to start a business in the field of recycled textiles and upcycled fashion?

Uh yeah, good one. As I haven't done that myself, here are some thoughts. So it depends on what kind of business you want to setup and how you want to make use of textiles. Clothes nowadays are often not based on a pure material, but rather a combination. A cotton sweater can therefore have cotton, polyester and further mixed materials. So I guess you need to decide: Do you want to use the broken down raw materials or the whole piece?

Some businesses, such as Jas.SlowFashion use upcycled cuts, which are included in their designs. Hence, they use the item and cut it. Bebravetextiles makes use of old satin ties.

Other businesses collect used clothes and processes to break the items down into their raw states. MUD Jeans for example has a collection system for old jeans, which will be upcycled into sweaters and jeans again. So they need equipment (such as machines and chemical abstractions) to bring the fibres in their raw materials. Their video of the recycling tour shows how they collect jeans and reuse them.


Part II: Kim privately

Me at VinoKilo. Shot by (C) Lykke Sjödin

Me at VinoKilo. Shot by (C) Lykke Sjödin

Why are you in Sweden?

I'm currently here to broaden my horizon on sustainability. Working for VinoKilo and being a blogger around the topic of sustainable fashion didn't feel like giving me enough foundation to become a future sustainability geek. I can definitely see myself in the field of sustainability in my career and therefore decided to study a master programme.

When will you be in Berlin?

Good question, seems like someone misses me :) I honestly don't know yet. I'll be stuck with writing the thesis until June but I'm physically independent and could drop by. I've also thought about going to TOA again this year.


How do you make your deodorant?

This recipe is not unique and perfect for everyone's body. My flat mate used hers successfully, which for example didn't work with me at all. And to anyone who met me that week, apologies for my odour. It totally failed on me. Next, I've stumbled upon Stellamina's 3 receipes, which unfortunately did not work for me either. But with some more experiments, this is the one I can now successfully use:

2 TBS Coconut Oil, 3 TBS Natron, 3 TBS cornstarch and optionally 20 drops of essential oils (such as tea tree oil).

Heat up the coconut oil, so its fluid and mix it with all the other ingredients in a little glass. One mixed, the starch will make sure it has a nice consistency and it gets hard again. Use a spatula for application or be lazy and use your hands.


Are you disappointed that your Instagram is growing so little?

Outsch, this one hurt a bit haha. Slow growth is relative and I'm not sure if my goals are those you apply to your own accounts. To me it's not about having as many followers as possible, but having interaction and more intimacy. I use Instagram for my own pleasure, as I love posting random bullshit. And I'm glad people like it, at least to some extend. And I'm also too lazy to push it forward I have to admit. I could geek about tools, likes for likes and follows for follows... but nah, that's too much time investment for increasing a number on a social media platform. If you want to reach a lot of people though and want to have more influence and legitimacy, a high amount of followers is crucial.

I've really enjoyed your questions so far. If there is anything unsaid or raises more questions, leave them below! :) xx

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