30 day minimalism challenge

Guys, here is a little live ticker from this morning.

I've spontaneously decided to join the 30 day minimalism challenge, which will also help me to implement some mindfulness changes into my professional life. Think Organic from Sweden inspired me through Instagram. I assume I won't be able to execute all of this in a great manner, but will check out the picture every morning before starting the day. And I will put it into my wonderful companion, my life-saving calendar, which I always carry with me, - even clubbing. You never know when you remember a deadline or meet a potential client.

Anyways, check out this great chart and join me! Live consciously!

by ThinkOrganic.se

by ThinkOrganic.se

I've recently felt emotionally drowned and stressed, due to an overload and little mindfulness. I did not really listen to my body and thus, I got sick quite often. This should not happen and I will try to always remember this great quote:

See your mind as a part of your supply chain.

It's proper functionality is key to your outcomes and shouldn't be underestimated in both, its power and ability to influence you.

Ironically, I've already failed with day 1 haha. But anyways, bring it on!

I'm digitally detoxing now, enjoying a cup te in a cozy café.