VinoKilo disrupting Fashion Week

As much as I love fashion, - it's a cruel industry. And as much as a Fashion Week can sound impressive and glamorous, it's a concept that needs to be challenged.

Our amazing team worked their asses off to disrupt Berlin Fashion Week to show that things can be understood through a much more sustainable perception.

VinoKilo has run their first fashion show.

Together with Doyel Joshi, the Creative Director, we've challenged the understanding of Fashion Week. Usually brands present their new collections to a rather exclusive set of viewers. We did it the other way around and presented old clothes (vintage = second hand = old) to everyone! After our Fashion Show anyone was able to see our Public Fashion Installation.

The models were fully dressed in hand-picked pieces. It was an important element to make the style suit the characters of the models and not the other way around. Humans do not represent blank canvases and thus we strengthened their individuality. Check out the pictures:

We've had another crucial element. After the models have been stationed by Doyel, tension-developing light and music payed and chacka boom, the black curtain dropped. What has unnoticeably been identified as the wall, turns out to me masses of clothes pilled up all the way to the wall. These masses of clothes represent the landfills, where the items end up, if not being activated again. 

sneak peak of the wall (c) IsabelHayn

sneak peak of the wall (c) IsabelHayn

after the show: Doyel in front of the landfills of clothes. (c)Isabel Hayn

after the show: Doyel in front of the landfills of clothes. (c)Isabel Hayn

Our VinoKilo family is eager to make fashion consumption of any individual more sustainable by bringing forgotten clothes back into the loop of consumption. No one needs a new collection with another little black dress. No one needs more white shirts.

Being part of this year's Berlin Fashion Week cannot be put in words and thinking of it makes me feel excited over and over again. Yes, we're a crazy bunch and yes, we like to challenge things. So 2017, we challenge you as well, - what can you over?

Check out Bon's Instagram for more inspiring pictures.