Girlbossing: 2017 will be my year

From a conventional business perspective, I've totally failed after my bachelor graduation. I did not stay with a great company and earned less than half of what I would have earned otherwise. All other students from my business course started their careers in big corporates.

From an entrepreneurial perspective, this is only the beginning.

I've started blogging on my fashion experiment in June 2015 and through my blog I've met Robin, CEO and Founder of Darpdecade. While writing my bachelor thesis, I've totally pictured myself in his start-up for swapping clothes. Obviously, because that was what interested me in my private life besides sustainability. Fashion and consumption. After sleepless nights about what I want to do in the near future, I've decided to give it a trial. I've worked with the Federal Ministry in the start-up scene in Germany as well as with Robin together. Shortly after kicking things of, this idea of vintage kilo sales came into my life. And an eye blink later, I see myself being part of a great team that wants young people to consume clothes differently.

Fast forward to February 2017. I'm sitting in a minimalist café in Sweden to write this post. Sipping chai latte and being one of those cool kids with a laptop and ear plugs. I've always wondered why they're not at work until I understood that this is their work... And today I'm a student again in a masters programme on sustainability. In fact, it provides me with a foundation to implement sustainability from a business perspective. I'll be running the first Scandinavian VinoKilo event in less than three weeks and I jump from one great opportunity to another. Some involve pitches and meeting other entrepreneurs, others involve video shoots to show how easy sustainability can be. A team of 10 people is sitting in Germany and each and every single team member is unique and part of our awesome VinoKilo family.

I'm girl bossing. And you should as well.  

I'm glad I've followed my heart. That hasn't been as easy as it sounds, because I'm rational and logical as hell. The left side of my brain has so far basically ruled my entire life. Hence, it had taken me weeks full of lists, talks with several relatives, calls with mum and moments of silence to hear what my heart was telling me. And I'm glad I did.

This february, I am focussing on #feministfebruary. I believe in the social, economic and political equality of the sexes. I am approaching anyone to become their own boss or start their projects. I've recently met so many inspiring individuals, both men and woman, who are independent, do their thing and live outside the business world and inside their own cosmos. Our generation wants to execute purposeful jobs and that's what I am here for. I want to create a green and innovative future. I've started with my own lifestyle shift and now let 2017 be my year.

Let's support each other and grow together. The future is female.

Thanks to Elina for the #GRLPWR pictures and Ruiqi for lending me this dope designer blouse. You rock, girls.