Top 10 places to work/freelance/study in Malmö

As hard working individual (student, entrepreneur, freelancer or Latte Pappa) you have plenty of spots to co-work with other busy bees. To pick the right surrounding, I've picked ten of my favorite spots of the city to sit and get shit done. Malmö is diverse and so are these venues. Here is a list of Top 10 co-working spaces and cafés I highly recommend checking out. From zero budget to monthly memberships. From peacefully quiet to social and noisy. For you and your friends.

(c) Viktor Holm

(c) Viktor Holm

Students like free stuff. Public spaces at zero cost.

Orkanen Library

Having visited libraries since my early childhood and all around the world, I've discovered some notable differences. Here in Sweden, libraries are considered social places. Visitors are allowed to talk, bring their kids, their food, - maybe even their dogs?! At the Orkanen library, things are a bit different though. Having spotted neither crying children nor barking dogs, dedicated silent areas make (more or less) sure that it is somewhat quiet. Students should be able to study for their academic career. And a reading room ensures you won't even hear your neighbour hammering into the keyboard as laptops are not allowed.

Space: Public  I  Budget: zero I  Needs: student for the WiFi I  WiFi: good


A space also located at the university that does not want to define itself but rather asks its users to do so. Having been there multiple times, I define it as innovative space and playground for adults. With loads of creative material and advanced technology, the new hang out space at MAUs Gäddan building invites you to just sit and work once a week. This location is otherwise open for you and your friends to be booked if you want to work on a new innovative project. The lovely team is also able to help you along the process with some nice methods and tools how to think outside the box. 

Space: for Students and Researchers I  Budget: small talk I  Needs: none  I  WiFi: good


Some years ago, this building has been visited by more people than the Central Station in Malmö. And as mentioned before, this is for sure a social place. Parents bring their (crying) kids, focus groups hang out together and school students use it to escape home. Nevertheless, the library has an incredible charm. Combining modern and clean architecture with the older building, you will find enough hidden corners to focus on your work. Be aware that you need to register a library account to have access to the WiFi. And I've experienced it to be a slight risk to rely on good WiFi. A dear friend of mine said it depends on the specific room and location if your WiFi is either unavailable or strong enough to work regularly. So good luck...

Space: Public I  Budget: zero I  Needs: register an account for WiFi  I  WiFi: well...


Be there or be square. Spots for changemakers.


The start-up house in Malmö. Located just on the opposite of the Orkanen university building, Minc is an established and well-known place for entrepreneurs. If you're new in the scene, you'll be able to spend time working at Startup Labs, the coworking space on the first floor, for six months free of charge. And if you match the criteria, you can apply for their accelerator or incubator, so check out the website here.

Space: Entrepreneurs only  I  Budget: zero  I  Needs: sit at Start-up Lab for 6 months  I  WiFi: good

STPLN, pronounced [stapeln]

This location has an incredibly free vibe to it. Build into an old harbour slipway for huge ships, STPLN is much more than just a co-working space. It is for you who has ideas or creative project. The door is open to all experiences, levels and ages and includes a makers space, a bicycle kitchen, loads of lunch talks and everything you can imagine. Make sure you participate in the community by adding your favourite song to the joint Spotify list!

Space: Public  I  Budget: zero or rent a permanent desk  I  Needs: Say hi to Josh  I  WiFi: good

Box Space

If you're a serious freelancer, doer and money maker, you should consider checking out this spot. Box space is run by a freelancer, Martin, himself and is located in the city center.  You can check it out for a day and then decide to rent a flexible or permanent desk. Perks of sitting at the Box are not only the central location and the international crowd, but Viktor. May I present, the one resident you should meet:

(c) Box Space Malmö

(c) Box Space Malmö

Together with a membership you will have your own access key and can work there 24/7, which is not the case with any of the previously mentioned spaces. And sometimes it pays off to invest in a membership to boost your productivity, rather than staying at home.

Space: Rental  I Budget: 250 SEK to 7 500 SEK  I  Needs: Register as member or for a day pass or more. Pet Viktor. Say hi from Kim.  I  WiFi: good


If you're a foodie, this is your place to be. Gro'up opened its doors in 2017 and serves as a creative space for people and entrepreneurs within the food industry. The café is calm and still undiscovered by many. Luckily I've stumbled across this space for its social inclusion approach. Take a seat at the café and I'm sure the hearty staff will welcome you. Further, Gro'up serves as an incubator for food-related start-ups. Every Friday, they serve a delicious and affordable three-course lunch. Anyhow, I don't fully understand the concept yet, but assume they are willing and happy to serve drinks at the café which aims to serve as co-working space.

Space: Café and rental, maybe?  I  Budget: consume a drink I guess...  I  Needs: Honestly, I don't know.  I  WiFi: sufficient


Freelancers and creatives. The instagrammable spots.


As Scandinavian as it gets: clean interior, strong coffee and amazing chocolate balls. At Djäkne you can be sure to be served a great coffee (I heard so and rely on my barista friends) by highly motivated and qualified staff. At this location, you can pick between multiple options: visit the café just like any other person or book yourself a day pass or a longer membership for increased services and space. The café area spreads over multiple tables on the first floor right next to the counter. You can work standing, siting comfortably in an arm chair or a regular chair. Pick the comfy arm chair at 10.00 am to enjoy some yellow sunlight on your skin. 

Space: Café and Coworking Space I  Budget: consume a drink or rent a day pass or more I  Needs: be a regular guest or sign in  I  WiFi: good


(c) AbSmåland

(c) AbSmåland

(c) AbSmåland

(c) AbSmåland

(c) AbSmåland

(c) AbSmåland

One of my favourite spots! The café opens already at 9.00 am, an hour before the majority. With it's green concept and sustainability vision, I've fallen in löve with AbSmåland (= from Småland in English. That's a region north of Skåne) the first month I arrived in Malmö. And the love has not ended. The shop innovates its setting and products regularly, so the constant small changes fuel my creativity. Grab a drink and enjoy the calm morning, before all the Latte Pappas and kids drop by and it get's more noisy over lunch!

Check out my interview with the owner Bruno here and be patient, I will soon reveal more about a collaboration between kim goes eko and AbSmåland...

Space: Café  I   Budget: consume a drink or so  I  Needs: none  I  WiFi: good


(c) Jord Malmö

(c) Jord Malmö

(c) Jord Malmö

(c) Jord Malmö

With two window facades, this place is heaven to fuel your body with some warm sunlight. Formerly known as Fyn, café the new owners Hannah and Elin serve (vegan) breakfast all day. Jord (= earth in English) is located near Möllan and provides enough space and plugs to co-work. Some Scandinavian eye-candy for all crazy about instagrammable places in Malmö.

Space: Café  I  Budget: consume a drink or so   I  Needs: none  I  WiFi: good

I hope you've discovered some spots and enjoyed reading this. I've not been sponsored to name drop any of those but would have loved to hehe. I also don't guarantee that WiFi always works the way I promised, but the facts are based on almost daily café hopping for the last 1.5 years. Holla at me if you want to know more secret spots. Those without WiFi, those less instagrammable and shabby cafés and those I want to keep to myself. Sharing is caring and I would love to have a fika with you! Maybe next week?