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Support your Locals II: Finding an awesome present (+ 20% off with discount code)

Who of you is in xmas mood already? To all my Scandinavian as well as German readers I have found a brilliant gift that will last a life time and bring joy to everyone's interior. Self-designed stuff and DIY gifts are always great, but if you're neither still in kindergarden nor the best in handcrafting, this is your thing.

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How slow can you go: 3 green documentaries available to you

A sustainable lifestyle can only be formed by informing yourself and being proactive. Besides reading articles, reports and other rather demanding literature, I love watching documentaries as well. They make you rethink your frame of reference (as I'd say from a theoretical point of view). You'll broaden your horizon which all the sudden makes you reflect on basic assumptions.

Here are some awesome documentaries which will make you speechless...

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