Top 5 thrift shops in Malmö with free thrift tour guide

I've recently received some requests by friends and friends of friends for thrift recommendations and felt like I've become the to go person for such topics. That makes me feel honored and excited to share my top 5 favorite spots in town. And for that occasion and after living in Malmö for a year now, I've finally managed to gather some thoughts about thrift shopping in this beautiful city.

May I introduce: A list of shops I've been screening various times now and each stand out for obvious and unique reasons. Some are inevitably part of the town, almost like an institution. Others are hidden gems, waiting for you thrift lovers to discover them further.

(c) Elina Nomad

(c) Elina Nomad

// Emmaus- fighting for sustainability

Emmaus Björkå (thihi there it is, the Swedish å I so damn love) is a solidarity organization found already in 1965. Through their clothing collections they receive items, both clothing and household goods, which they resell in two stores in Malmö. Luckily, Emmaus was able to move earlier this year to a bigger location in the middle of a hectic shopping street. And despite the fact that it's not in front of my door step anymore, I love visiting the 1450 m2, representing how stylish, contemporary and competitive second hand can be. Because Emmaus is so far able to directly compete more centrally with all the fast fashion stores it is surrounded by. 

I've always been able to spot awesome vintage pieces for a great price. High quality items worth the money. Other times I found fast fashion basics, like long sleeves in winter or scarves, that complement my vintage and slow fashion pieces, but are not made to last. But that's in fact ok, as these items are even cheaper.

Check the location and opening hours here.


// Beyond Retro - the creme de la creme of vintage

Come and grab a handful of denim this weekend! 👖👖#beyondretromalmo #beyondretroswe #beyondretro #denim #levis #mittmöllan #malmö #ecofashion

126 Likes, 1 Comments - Beyond Retro Malmö (@beyondretromalmo) on Instagram: "Come and grab a handful of denim this weekend! 👖👖#beyondretromalmo #beyondretroswe #beyondretro..."

If there is a place for the rawest and most awesome vintage in Malmö, than it's this one. The store Beyond Retro is one of the hidden gems, located in an 60's style shopping mall, which is now known as a bustling hub and meeting place for the city’s creatives.

Namely Mitt Möllan, this hub is located in the heart of Möllan, the hipster neighbourhood, and hosts vintage paradise. The UK based chain has a total of four shops in Sweden and an online shop for males, females and accessories. Despite having a great collection of the finest vintage, the staff has also always been very welcoming.  High five to those guys. If you're into high-waisted jeans, bomber jackets and denim, this is your paradise. And if you feel like giving those items a little twist, Beyond Retro upcycles some collections themselves.

Their parties are another great opportunity to find seasonal bargains: whether it is the ugly xmas jumper you've secretly been craving for or the next PRIDE parade outfit, they've got you covered. So give these guys a like on Facebook and follow up on their events here.  


// Myrona XXL

If you're a student, this is where you should spend your valuable time instead of learning for the upcoming exam. Myrona has two locations in Malmö, which are offering 10% student discount when showing your Kåren ID (oh there it is again, the Swedish å). And their price-quality ratio is the best in town.

The store in South Sofialund is about the size of Emmaus and you should bring enough time to firstly cycle there if you live more centrally and secondly, brooowse. It takes some more time to spot the treasures you may be looking for than in other shops. But it's worth it, the prices are unbeatable. Further,  the shop is also great for furniture thrifting. And I do recommend the books to all my English speaking homies.

Check the opening hours here


// HUMANA - where to meet the cool kids

If you want to thrift a more curated collection, then you'll feel at home here. HUMANA offers a good collection of categories, which doesn't require you to browse through rather not so sexy items. It's an easy one stop shop with a pleasant size. and a collection of items each hipsters heart is beating for. So if you're into turtle necks, Adidas trainers and 90's style net shirts, there you go. Check out their Instagram to get the hang of it. 

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361 Likes, 5 Comments - HUMANA SECOND HAND (@humanasverige) on Instagram: "🔥regram @waithiras 🔥#humanasecondhand #humanasverige"

But there's two things worth mentioning here. These stores, four in number, have nothing to do with the HUMANA organization you may know from other countries. This is a pure for-profit business with little donations. And also be aware that it may be a bit more pricey, but that only justified the curation of nice items.


One Day Thrift Tour

How to shop second hand and vintage in Malmö?

Which route to take to check out my favorite 5 spots?

Follow this guide for a one day thrift tour around Malmö. Explore, discover and fall in love.

It's a huge advantage for a one day thrift tour if the city is the size of Malmö. And a huge advantage you all have GPS on your smartphones. Check the locations there and follow this route to get the most out of a thrift trip.

Start at Emmaus in the city center as an early bird.

They open at 10, but you can grab a coffe at AbSmåland before.

After that, grab your bike (and if you don't want to own one you can participate in local bike sharing, Malmö by bike) to make your way to Humana and Myrona. They're technically in the same street as Emmaus is, but further south, after Triangeln train station.

You'll firstly bump into the smaller Myrona store, which still has plenty of clothes. And simply around the corner you'll find HUMANA, so you can lock your bike there and walk over in a minute or so.

Once you've managed to check out these stores, you should grab a snack to energize for the upcoming shopping experience. The neighbourhood you're in, Möllevången or how locals call it, - Möllan, is great for a falafel. Go to one of the falafel places on Bergsgatan and make sure you order a falafel roll with Haloumni, - mah favorite! (note that some places like Sara are able to make a vegan falafel with Astrid och Aporna sauces, yum).

From there on, stroll over Möllevångstorget and the weekly market towards Beyond Retro. The vintage destination of your shopping trip.

And if that has not yet been enough, check out the bigger Myrona in Södra Sofialund, just to make sure you've really seen all my öko recommendations. 

What did I miss? Any other thrift stores you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!

These outfit pictures have been a collaboration between me and Elina Nomad. Thanks once more my friend.

Jacket - Emmaus // Shirt - HUMANA Budapest // Trousers - Emmaus // Shoes - Emmaus

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