The Replik. Support your local and get 15% off.

Living in Sweden for a while now has clearly influenced my aesthetics when it comes to fashion. Today I want to present you the collaboration between Kim goes eko and The Replik, a well curated online shop for Scandinavian styles. Run by an inspiring woman you should support.

Throwback 2015: I've started being part of the VinoKilo family, which means to be exposed to masses of colourful and unique vintage treasures. I quickly filled my closet with eye candies of all sorts: satin bomber jackets, dotted overalls and heaps of yellow items. When taking the step to Sweden, I've (involuntarily) had to declutter and interpret a new Kim. The one that watches her wardrobe closely and makes it last through quality, rather than quantity. Now, 2017, I am surrounded by well-dressed Scandinavians. With a clearly defined yet laid-back style, the streets look different to those I've wandered before. And slowly, I am feeling more comfortable with minimalist cuts, one coloured items and black as a base.

Scandinavian minimalism in one shop.

The shop owner Afrodite carefully curates The Replik using slow fashion criteria.

High quality materials. 

Less is more.

Cashmere, wool, silk blends, simplicity - anything that can breathe and lasts long. Materials such as denim gain character with time. 

British vogue clearly described the desire the online shop is following: "Scandinavian style now is about being comfortable and cool women. It gives us space to experiment as we have a lot of demands and demand a lot back from our clothes."

Further, The Replik has been named one of the top 9 sustainable online shops by my German colleagues from the

Support a fempreneur and get 15% off.

Together with The Replik I can offer 15% off any purchase with the discount code "KIMGOESEKO" at the check out. 

Especially for the festive days, you can either treat yourself or your beloved ones with some Scandinavian styles. Get inspired by my look or browse the great variety, with labels like Sandqvist (Swedish), Noumenon (Dutch), Swedish Stockings (the name says it all), By Signe (Danish) and many others.

Afrodite is a great Fempreneur, who runs this business besides studies and having a family. She's full of energy and I had the great opportunity to get to know her at the last Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017. We've talked about slow fashion criteria, my personal perception of newly produced fashion and the industry. I can truly advise you to buy with this particular online shop and support this female! And despite the cheesiness, I mean it exactly this way. I want to support a Fempreneur here in Sweden to fulfil her dreams and disrupt fast fashion together. 

(c) Hanna Hempel

(c) Hanna Hempel


Minimalism on Kim. The items.

This is the warmest sweater I have ever owned. Maska is a Swedish label dedicated to create perfect Scandinavian harmony. Between the fabric, the design and the longevity. Helga, the model I have been gifted, is made from Merino wool. Australian wool, sourced from a family run supplier in Scotland and knitted in Lithuania, paying fair wages.

By Signe is a Danish brand with clear minimalist approaches. The Danish product ensures ethical security, no discrimination as well as a healthy and safe environment. My bag is great, simply because it's dark and you don't see the stains hah! And it blends in better in dark winter times...

My clothes: a thrifted coat, Kings of Indigo flared pants and thrifted Vagabond shoes.

Thank you (c) Hanna Hempel for the lovely shooting time.

This post is a collaboration between me and The Replik. I didn't get paid, but have been gifted the items. Thought I'll mention that for transparency to you, lovely reader.