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#ootd: glitter it up

This outfit is as simplistic, elegant and minimalistic as it can get. At least with my preferences and style. You probably won't find me any 'cleaner'. And you won't find me with less colors, if gold is accepted to be one. Being dazzled by all the Scandinavians around me, impressing me on a daily basis: what makes their style unique? Is it the cleanness of cuts and materials?  

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DIY xmas presents: make your own facial and body peeling

Presenting a basic recipe for a sugar / coconut oil peeling lets you decide yourself on further ingredients. For this post I have chosen a body scrub as well as facial peeling. Both base on a mixture of brown sugar and coconut oil.

So if you have no clue what to give your bestie, mother in law or grannie, check out the easiest DIY ever. All ingredients are in your kitchen.

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Support your Locals II: Finding an awesome present (+ 20% off with discount code)

Who of you is in xmas mood already? To all my Scandinavian as well as German readers I have found a brilliant gift that will last a life time and bring joy to everyone's interior. Self-designed stuff and DIY gifts are always great, but if you're neither still in kindergarden nor the best in handcrafting, this is your thing.

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