Sustainable Fashion Champions. Five portraits

In my latest blog post I've shared Malmös Top 5 Second Hand shops . However, Malmö has much more to discover witha closer look. Here are five portraits of great people who make Malmö a bit greener at a time by standing for sustainability and innovation.  


(c) Drivhuset Malmö

(c) Drivhuset Malmö

We all face it, when repairing clothes. We're either skilled enough to do it ourselves or fail. Morever, if we theoretically are able to fix it ouselves, we often lack time or patience. At least that's the case with me. I hardly manage to sew on a button or take out the 90's shoulder pads. Everything with a higher difficulty level is for sure being ignored for a while. At this point Repamera is helping me out.

Repamera, established by Henning last year, is your solution Through their responsive website, you can take a picture of your broken item, send the request to fix it to these guys and Repamera picks it up. Within shortest amount of time you'll receive the fixed item. There is no need to waste your own time. They pick up your garment, repair it and bring it back. As easy as that.

And if you're lucky, Henning himself will be playing delivery boy that day and you can have a little chat with him. He likes his coffee black.



Through a collaboration I did with #FashionRevolution this year, I was lucky to bump into these two ladies, C. Grace Chang and Danica Caganic. They have met at their joint project with Swop Shop and decided to get going as a creative business duo afterwards. With backgrounds in sustainability, culture, identity and business development, these ladies are equipped with the skills to make things happen. Punktpunkt has the vision to bring together a variety of perspectives, to create something beautiful within a local setting. If you feel like you want to run an event around sustainability, fashion or other artsy-fartsy things, - get in touch with them (here). Working together with punktpunkt was easy going yet professional, so I can only recommend to reach out to them!

Swop Shop

Repamera is not the only business that increases the life cycle of garments. Jane, the founder of SWOP SHOP has a similar vision. Through swapping clothes, each garment increases its longevity, as it will be worn by another individual, rather than ending up in landfills. SWOP SHOP is located in the center of Malmö and worth a try. You can hand in your unworn clothes, which will be screened for quality purposes and you'll receive hearts as fictional currency of the shop. If you do not want to hand in clothes, there is always the opportunity to buy the items instead. Jane established the shop years ago and with the help of punktpunkt has been able to rebrand and rethink the business model. 

PS: Yeah, I know the website is in Swedish, but you'll manage. Best is to walk into the store and let the staff or swop queen Jane herself explain the system. They have the hang of it and are happy to help out. If you feel like going to the shop together, let me know!

Sustainable fashion does not only mean extending the life cycle of clothes. Two Malmö based entrepreneurs are dedicated to see sustainability happen at the root of fashion, its design. Emelie Svensson and Frida Em are two designers who approach the topic brilliantly.

MLi by Svensson

(c) Annie Hyrefeldt

(c) Annie Hyrefeldt

While hanging out at an upcycling event last year, coincidentally I realized it was hosted by Emelie Svensson. Emelie makes non-seasonal clothing and produces mainly locally to decrease the carbon foot print of transportation. We've had long and interesting talks about sustainability, the idea of fashion and the impact of vintage clothing. Her education from ESMOD Paris provides Emelie with a great understanding of fashion history and vintage trends. However contradictory, she's creating Scandinavian and clean designs. In the future MLì by SVENSSON will take the next step towards a 100% recycled produced collection on a circular economy. She's been featured in several magazines like Vogue and has presented her work at the recent Malmö festivalen. Keep an eye on her, she's going places...



Frida is an inspiring human with a lot of drive and passion. She approaches sustainable fashion by reusing not so fashionable inner tubes of bicycles. All final products of ByFridaEm are made of the same pieces, interwoven into each other to create a unique and memorable design. I was lucky enough to wear a body belt at Berlin Fashion Week. People loved it and so did I. The belt made me feel comfortable, strong and still feminine. While working at her atelier in Malmö, she creates everything from small bracelets and belts to incredible evening gowns for the celebrities. Follow her Instagram and you will see the process in her insta stories. Also, check out ByFridaEm at these upcoming events: 

September 30th: Exhibition at Gamla Västers Diamant (Gallerinatten/ the Gallery Night), 18-00. Check the Facebook event here.

September 30th / October 1st: Konst & Hantverksmarknad at Lilla.

I've had the opportunity to meet all five founders and designers personally. I want to thank my personal network for enabling such connections. If you feel like you want me to hook you up with these incredible people, hit me up! I'm happy to connect you and your project with them directly. 

Also, check out the interview with Bruno Bergenholtz, founder of AbSmåland, a green concept store that has the best Fika (choklad balls with salt!) and sustainable fashion brands.