Summer in Sweden - an outfit diary

Dear summer,

you've been incredibly good to me. You've asked me to be my purest self and that has reflected in my outfits. Occasionally you dared me to discover a different Kim; the yellow fox was born.

I feel grateful for all the people I've met, the connections I've made the clothes I was gifted. Experiencing tropical heats in the Nordics wasn't always fun nor easy, - but it did make me realize that this world needs a change. Climate change exposes us to extreme conditions such as heat waves in the Nordics that harm mother earth. Anyways, I'm not writing to complain about it.

Summer, you gifted me with moments in Copenhagen, Malmö and Berlin. With two fashion weeks and a slow life in the city I call home. Want to take a look?


I've recently come to the point to appreciate regularity in life. But that's not what you treated me with so far. This day has not at all been like any other summer day in Malmö. It started with fika at one of my favourite spots in town, meeting an awesome human being and strolling the city to take these shots. It was my first shooting with Marta. We went to the art gallery in town and the day ended with a night full of dance. In exactly this outfit. Marta is new in Malmö and we've stumbled across a falafel festival that day. Knowing that she does a lot of fashion photography didn't help my nervousness. My purest me was intimidated by her skills and the huge lens pointing towards me. I honestly didn't feel fully comfortable. But in the end it turned out well. I wonder if you can tell?


Blouse: swapped at Swop Shop

Trousers: second hand

Shoes: second hand

Person behind the lense: Marta

Dear summer,

thanks to all the warm and bright sunlight. I generally feel motivated to walk around in colours. Malmö is not really used to it, but I luckily see more and more people dressing outside the monochrome world. I've recently developed my passion for soft pink and yellow. In combination. As well as dark green and yellow. And when we spotted this building in the back, we couldn't resist but shoot exactly here. Yellow doors, green tiles and a beautiful blouse just felt like the right combination.


Blouse: Ren (sponsored item)

Trousers: second hand

Shoes: Wado

Person behind the lense: Marta

And meanwhile wearing some colourful outfits, I've discovered black and white photography again. Thank you Cherie, to opening my eyes and capturing this night in Berlin. The city was pouring sweaty and the heat unbearable. But we've managed to cool our bodies with drinks.


Top: second hand

Skirt: graduate collection of Cherie Birkner

Shoes: second hand Birkenstock from VinoKilo

Person behind the lense: also Cherie Birkner


Dress: Helgrose Studio (PR sample)

Shoes: Wado

Person I'm smiling at: Constanze Beatrice


Blouse: second hand

Skirt: second hand

Shoes: second hand

Person I'm cheering with: Constanze Beatrice

Summer, you have been so good to me. Thank you.

Working with fashion brands and photographers means that there is a lot of work unseen. Here is a collection of clothes and words to celebrate summer in Malmö, Berlin and Copenhagen.