A style mood board...

Oooh how much I would love to have an endless budget to afford all these slow fashion items! And especially right before Fashion Week is kicking off, it gets me thrilled to play a little dress up game and be a bit more fashionable than having a hangover Sunday at home. 

I can't make it to this year's Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin, but will attend some things in Copenhagen. And that gets me so excited to try out some styles and details I normally would not wear. 

My inspiration: Solange Knowles.


This woman has an incredible style I admire so damn much!

"Her knack for bold colors, mixed prints and vintage styles as well as her knack for glamorous, fashion forward looks in her music videography and public appearances has become integral to her current image."

Says Wikipedia. And it also says, which I can confirm, that she has been awarded to be Woman Of The Year by Glamour in 2017. With her musical career, she focuses on topics racism, cultural appropriation, activism, and empowerment. Hell yeah, inspiriiiiing. And on top of that, she dresses amazingly:



So here are some trends I'd love to wear if I would not live the broke life.

Color Blocking.

Looking kind of naked. 

Suit it up, fempreneur!

Stilettos with a weird heel.

Some items I've been watching closely:


Yellow Heels 'Carlota'


Wearing a couch as jacket


Yellow baby alpaca sweater

made in prison by Carcel Clothing

What has been on your Christmas wishlist so far? Any items you would love to see in your wardrobe? Let's dream together...