Sunlight on my skin. Presenting Organic Basics with 20% off.

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I have a thing for sunlight and bare skin. Both coming together is an aesthetic pleasure to my eyes and I'm happy to present you some pictures I have shot with ©Cherie Birkner in Organic Basics.


Who would have thought that I will ever post pictures in underwear on my channels? Here we are, celebrating the results of a fun weekend in Berlin, the fact that I am able to collaborate with the label and feel more body positive than a year ago.


"The fashion industry is a dirty bastard.
We don’t like it that way. We believe in setting higher standards
when it comes to sustainable production."

I have met the founder team of Organic Basics in 2017 at Copenhagen Fashion Week. A casual and cool bunch. They threw a party and I just could not resist but inhale a Gin Tonic and ask loads of questions about their sustainability activities. And they have passed the test. Despite some initial hesitance, the company is following a holistic approach to sustainability. Having developed the products in both Denmark and California, the team is dedicated to bring comfy lingerie to our green hearts.


In 2016 I've made the decision to not let any chemicals touch my skin anymore. Especially those sensitive areas, ladies, gentleman and non-binaries. Protect them pussies!

The cotton for these products is GOTS certified, grown outside Izmir, Turkey without toxic substances, no pesticides, no chemical fertilisers, and no nasty chemicals. And it's grown by humans that are treated like humans; that means fair wages, no discrimination, and freely chosen employment.


If you fancy buying something off this Danish startup, feel free to use my 20% coupon code for all purchases: kimgoesekoxOB20 . 

I'm wearing: Triangle Bra (rose nude I size S) and Thong (rose nude I size M).  And further received a white plain T.

Note: I'm comparison to erlich textil, one of my other previous collaborations, I have not been fully satisfied with the quality of the thongs of Organic Basics. Some seams of these items have loosened after the first round of washing and I will continue keeping an eye on them. Otherwise, the products are super soft and comfortable and I can highly recommend the white t-shirts. For real!


All pictures are taken by © Cherie Birkner from Sustainable Fashion Matterz. The set I am wearing is a PR sample provided by Organic Basics.

By clicking on some of the links and buying it through those with the discount code, I will make some cashhh on the side. Hence, if you know someone who wants to order some Organic Basics, send them this way and it will be a win-win!