Top 2 labels at INNATEX. Plus an event review.

Attending INNATEX for the first time so far, here are insights on what I discovered newly, what I enjoyed the most and what I honestly did not like...

What the heck is Innatex?

INNATEX is an international trade fair for sustainable textiles, which in addition to clothing also includes other products, such as baby clothing, accessories, home textiles and fabrics. The convention stretches over three big industrial halls in Germany and hosts loads of seller twice a year. 

Not having the chance to be at Berlin Fashion Week this year, I was quite excited to, for the first time, enjoy Innatex. Mainly to finally meet other bloggers but also to check out the new collections of brands I knew before. And further, those I have not discovered yet. And indeed, there are great labels I want to present you.

Interestingly, this was supposed to be a top 5 list, but I was not able to find something that novel and exciting besides these two. So here we go, the curation of mine. Two labels. Two impressive owners.

Greta Andersson - Scandinavian minimalism made in Hamburg

With a leaflet the my goodie bag, Laura from @theOGNC and myself have had a great conversation with Tine, founder of Greta Andersson. And with such a Scandinavian name, the label is indeed clean and minimalistic. 

Greta Andersson is a slow fashion brand based in Hamburg. They have launched in 2018 and keep the production process within Germany or at least Europe. It uses GOTS certified materials and watches the social and ecological standards of the certification label.

For now, Great Andersson is producing more and more items, such as the cap I was able to pre-order. So yeah, fingers crossed it arrives in time before the Swedish summer kicks in. I'd love to show you some pictures of the final black cap with a great fit!

LANA organic - a new generational twist

I was able to attend a blogger and press event last summer organized by Lana in Germany. The family owned brand is located in Aachen, Germany and has been doing slow fashion before this term even existed. Over 30 years in, the second generation has been involved in designing the new collection. Maria, daughter of the two founders, has hit the zeitgeist and especially my preferences. 

Lana produces fully in Europe with fair living wages (whooop, yeah!) and GOTS certified and organic materials. With engaging in social projects aboard with local NGOs from Aachen, I truly believe that the LANA family does everything for pure love and sustainability. Producing sustainable was not even questioned when the label has started and is still an integral part of the philosophy.

And why I've crushed hard on the new collection? Because Lana will produce the mustard yellow sweater Ylka. I tried it on and we're gonna be friends:

How was Innatex?

© INNATEX / Nicole Grote

© INNATEX / Nicole Grote

Personally I was most excited about the people, rather then the clothes. It is always great to meet familiar faces like Laura, Terraveggia or green4family. And then seeing those I secretly follow for years already.

Why are you not excited for the clothes? Simply because I believe trends work circular and pick up styles and inspirations from previous collections and decades. And with an overload of labels, there is nothing incredibly novel at first sight. Looking closer, innovative techniques or materials may spice of the products, but it's all the same thing. And I've slowly found my own style preferences: Round necklines, wide culottes, one coloured items with subtile stripes and dots.

And which people? All the other bloggers at the event. As you can see on the pictures, we were organised into a group of bloggers to talk about the accreditation process of shoe labels at Innatex. The best part was to stroll around with the others and collection our goodies hah! (We received a goodie bag and were able to pick up items at partnering stalls)

And the dislikes? Being a person for details, here are some examples that are NoGos to me: no plant-based milk and plastic straws everywhere. No functioning WiFi and an incredibly silly fashion show.

But nevertheless, this was great! I don't want to throw around negativity here! I am greateful and hoping to attend Innatex in summer again. With pavilions, self-brought Oatly and many more brands I can present you! Thank you Nicole for the wonderful visual captures, just as this one below. xx, K

© INNATEX / Nicole Grote

© INNATEX / Nicole Grote

Doing event reviews of events you've been invited to is a bias in itself. I am incredibly happy I was able to attend and had such a fun time and explored. I am thankful this trip was sponsored and I was able to participate. Our three points of contact (Sabine, Astrid and Nicole) were incredibly great hosts and put a lot of love and dedication into organising this get together. Thank you ladies! And having too little means to make this a really great event, I'm unfortunately a bit disappointed by the missing holistic planning from the organisers. Innatex cannot invite bloggers but then not have WiFi. There is no way this event will have great social media coverage, especially as the area is so incredibly remote, that we didn't even have a normal data connection. So dearest Innatex, in order to catch up with latest trends and movements, things need to change. Millennials like may have a total different perception to sustainable fashion. And if you want to understand it in depth, holla at me!