5 tips how to clean your closet

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

It's about time to enter the secret premises of your cellar, find the hidden box with winter clothing aaaaand clean out all the items you won't need this winter. And even better, - clean your summer wardrobe while exchanging items in your closet. Here are some tricks I use in order to stay on top of things and personalize my wardrobe even further. 


1 // Make yourself comfortable

Cleaning the closet can take some time. I prefer to block some hours on a sunday morning, to focus on the mess I will create at one point. Turn on some cheesy Ben Howard, some funky IAMDDB or Meggie Rogers. Give yourself and your head some space. You should also be prepared to give your feelings enough space. Don't clean your closet after a night-long fight with your partner, you will regret it afterwards, promise!

If making yourself comfortable and mentally ready to get rid of clothes, invite your bestie.

I'm personally not holding on to materialistic items too much, so I'm perfectly fine with cleaning it myself. I even prefer doing so. But you may be different and some support for more rational decisions may be exactly what you need. 


2 // Dump it, - in a structured way

I've recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about the Japanese way of decluttering. And indeed, this theory matches the practice I intuitively pick. Here's what works best to me:

Throw everything out of the closet. This will be the first moment in which you realize how much bullshit you haven't seen in ages. Which you also did not even miss. Hint number one. There is something wrong with you closet if you cannot even remember all the items.

Work your way through the different categories. I usually start with shorts and trousers. The fact that some jeans don't fit anymore it really helpful to begin with. It is a fact. Despite the madness at the gym, I am getting older and my body more feminine. There is no need to hoard those trousers that haven't fit the last 3 years. As said before, work your way through the categories, - trousers and shorts, shirts, dresses, jackets, accessories and don't forget shoes!

Use a systemic approach in order to overcome chaos. For those clothes you won't need anymore, create a box for friends and the flea market and another for donations. Make sure you still focus on the clothes you will maintain and directly hang them back into the closet.



3 // Be schizophrenic

That's the strategy you should maintain when you dislike having friends around, but need some further advice. Talk to yourself or at least imagine yourself talking to the other half. Look at each piece individually and ask (loudly, this is the more interesting version for spectators):

  • when was the last time i wore it?
  • will i wear it within the next one year?
  • does this item give me pleasure?

Another way of separating pieces is based gut feeling. You have 3 seconds to take the item and spontaneously decide, whether to keep it or not.


4 //breathe and pause

After going through each category, you should now have a closet with less clothes and several piles or boxes. Breathe. Step back and take a look at your closet. Is there anything else that you want to donate or give away? And be careful: Do not even think about looking at the pile of clothes! It's a linear process. Once in the box, there shall no longer be a return. It's gone. And do not consider to hang them back in the closet.

I personally feel released and free. There is less you have to care about and the minimalist wardrobe just feels amazing.


5 // +1 = -1

I've never been good in maths. But in this case, I may be right. +1 = -1. To keep your closet this minimalist, use the following rule: each time you buy a new piece, one must go. this simple rule will sustainably influence your buying behavior. Try to stick to the rule and you will see, that no trash will ever land in your closet again. Less missbuys, less wasted money, more joy, hurraaaay.


Be creative

Many of us use clothing hangers or open closets. I use the cloak room at my door to visually present specific pieces. Pick one piece at a time or a while styled outfit which is not one of your favorites and rotate. Hang it somewhere that you can easily spot. I recommend to leave it for at least one week. You will have time to rediscover the use and new combinations. And with that, you will become a creative eko.

I would love to hear your stories and if this was a useful post. Please email me or comment below :) looking forward to it xx and as we're gathering here anyways, here's awesome picture that has nothing to do with the topic but worth sharing anyways.

Found on Pinterest and loved so much I had to share it.

Found on Pinterest and loved so much I had to share it.