Slow Fashion beginners watch this: The Conscious Closet Guide


I'm happy and satisfied to present you the Conscious Closet Guide. It's the collective knowledge of 15 slow fashion brains, who share simple information about the cooler kind of fashion which let you easily start exploring sustainability. 

It's a simple written guide to transition towards slow fashion through conscious decisions. And tadaa, you can download it here.

It's free my love and there are a mobile and desktop version. 


As initiator and project lead for this little piece, I'd like to thank all contributors and brains behind. It's been quite a load of logistics which I had to face, but I've luckily been supported by design muse Sylvie from miss-interpreted

Luckily I changed my mind last minute. Instead of an incredibly scientific eBook about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, I've decided to step back and reflect what's actually needed out there. And in facts, it's a very easily understandable guide on how to enter undiscovered spheres. For the masses out there who want to do little change but don't know where to start.

Please download it (hereand let me know what you think. Critical feedback is how I grow, so holla at me!

Thanks to: Sylvie, Mary, Johanne, Justine, Mariel, Franzi, Julia, Verena, Nora, Corinna, Cherie and Emmi. Meet the makers and stalk them HERE.

PS: I would have wished for a more gender-diverse bunch of contributors, which seemed unfortunately very unlikely, due to the fact that most slow fashion brains/influencers/bloggers are females. That may simply show that sustainability as a topic is not yet where it should be addressed: by everyone.