Challenge update: #noblackoutfit August failed

(c) Elina Nomad

(c) Elina Nomad

The summer months were filled with incredible opportunities, moments and encounters with newly met souls. Kicking it off with a great friend of mine who visited me in Malmö, I ended up celebrating PRIDE parade for the first time in liberal Sweden, explored the nature of Southern Sweden as well as local opportunities. I've challenged myself with not wearing anything black, because duh, it's the month of summer. And in the end, I've failed because I was too present in the moment...

here are some learnings I want to share

In July I officially announced to not wear anything black with this blog post, simply because I wanted to re-invent my closet. I aimed to explore the clothes I already own and to challenge myself. Which I did. And what I've learned is the following.

:: you need enough alternatives ::

Be aware, when getting rid of your black clothes, that you should still have enough items left which can replace the black ones. If your wardrobe consists of only black sweaters and Ts, only black pants and black shoes, there is no way you're going to succeed without buying new items.

And once you realize that there's enough potential in your closet, go for it!

I've luckily had enough shirts for sure, but struggled a bit with pants. Therefore....

:: schedule your laundry days ::

This is anyways a common thing in Sweden, as there is only communal laundry rooms which you have to book in advance. Be conscious about when to wash and which alternative you'll wear while that favorite pair of pants is still hanging on the drying rack. From a sustainability perspective I advise you not to use drying machines. Urgh, just let your clothes dry on the rack. That takes longer, but saves 2400 pounds of carbon emission per year in the US.

:: make sure you think of weather changes, seasons and personal occasions::

Pretty self-explanatory, right? If you aim for a full month, you should check your calendar and see if there's something coming up: A hiking trip, birthday celebrations or meeting the in-laws. Plan your outfits ahead or otherwise you may end up panicking!

And some things your beloved öko Kimmi has realized...

(c) Elina Nomad

(c) Elina Nomad

I'm a Dreckspatz in the kitchen.

Tomato sauce and white clothes are like my relationship towards olives. The same goes for any sauces that can splash around happily, dirty hands that accidentally desire to wipe themselves on your white trousers or friends who cannot handle their shit when cooking. 

(Dreckspatz is the German word for a dirty little beggar in wider terms) 

I sit on sooo many dirty ground.

When wearing white pants most of the time, you come to interesting realizations outside the kitchen as well. Where ever I've ended up spending my day, there was at least one seat that required me to use my non-white clothes as seating arrangement for security reasons. Public transport and seating like in cafés had to be screened carefully.

Blue is my go to color.

Sky blue, denim, aqua or azure. All blue items I had in my wardrobe basically replaced my black items. Whenever I don't feel like dressing up, I'd usually wear black. Yellow is also much found in my closet, but too euphoric for those grey days. And instead, I've ended up wearing blues. What would your to go color be on a rainy day?

All my undies are black.

- which is a problem when wearing white trousers for a whole month straight. But I've managed with recommendation number two: schedule your laundry days.

And despite all those considerations, how was I able to fail in the August challenge on the last day?

It really seemed promising all the way to the end, until I just didn't pay enough attention. I've lived the moment. Thinking it was September 1. But in fact, August has one more day than my organized challenge was planning with...