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1 Minute Lebensupdate mit Funk

Wer sich fragt was ich gerade mache, wovor ich Angst habe und was gerade schief läuft, der kann sich 1 Minute Funk gönnen. Das neue Content-Netzwerk der öffentlich-rechtlichen hat mich mit Bloggerin Dearlicious in einem wunderbaren Büro kreativ werden lassen und schwubs, da kommt dann eine Minute Chaos bei raus:

Intermedial, also Text, GIFs, Videos und Bilder sind mit am Start, um meine jetzige Lebenssituation zu beschreiben. Und das ziemlich offen: Vom Scheitern, Stolpern und schönen Momenten im Leben. Die beste #lowbudgetproduction seit langem!...

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From Greenwashing to Femininwashing: How H&M makes use of stereotypes

The recent new campaign by H&M made me uhm... angry. And let's recap: Just earlier this week the Swedish fashion retailer launched a new video for it's new autumn collection. You can see afro-american, white gurls and basically proud woman of any ethnical background. You see grey-haired ladies, fempreneurs and armpit hair (which have recently been a topic to me, as more Sweds than Germans let them grow. And I kinda have to get used to that). The video conveys...

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'maybe the water is too expensive to wash them’ - circular textile economy

This video from aeon is totally worth those 14 minutes. it shows Reshma, an indian woman who always wanted to see a western person, to see what the people look like who wear the clothes she work with everyday. reshma recycles clothes we westerns throw away back into thread and blankets. she has never been exposed to the western world, as many of her colleagues, and a lot of questions are answered by long lasting rumours.

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