How Copenhageners like #CPHFW: Johanne

Each fashion show is unique and offers a great variety of events. But are fashion weeks generally overrated? Do they give a stage to sustainable fashion labels? The Copenhagen-based green blogger and multitasker Johanne gladly shared some insights on her impressions and thoughts about Copenhagen Fashion Week. About exclusivity, sustainable fashion and food prep...


Lovely Johanne, tell us more about yourself, sustaindaily and bedremode!

I live in Copenhagen and do a thousand things a day, but mostly work on my project Sustain Daily and my blog Bedre Mode. At Sustain Daily we do a wide spectrum of sustainable inspiration, in the form of events, magazine and online stuff. My blog is more focused on sustainable fashion and teaching people to shop better.

You are living in CPH. How do you identify with the city?

The city is not super big, but I often have to be at different places all the time, and Copenhageners are big bike people.
I also think Copenhagen is pretty diverse - there are so many types, but they are all toned down compared to other big cities. I see myself as sort of toned down as well, so that fits.

Having attending CPHFW multiple times, can you describe to people who have not (yet) have the chance what it is like?

You can have many different fashion week experiences, and I for sure have had many different ones.
My first year, I was a volunteer dresser, dressing runway models, for a few shows, and it was crazy.
This year I didn’t do any shows, just a few events and that was it. I guess it can feel pretty exclusive actually. For an outsider it’s hard to see what’s happening and it’s hard to attend stuff on your own. You also never know what’s gonna end up being good and what’s not.
So go with someone, or just wander the big fair locations on your own. Stay in the inner city and try to spot fashionistas around is also kind of fun in the summer.


Do you have routines at CPHFW?

I always clear my calendar for the days, because I know that events are gonna pop up last minute. And I go through the fair schedules a week in advance to see if any new eco brands have come to town. And I stock up on snacks for my bag.

What are you most excited about?

Talking to brand owners - especially small designers who are exhibiting maybe for the second or third time and hearing how it goes. I don’t follow trends so much anymore, and it is also harder now; before the fashion week people took photos at every show - now not so much anymore :(

What’s the best about it? What works great and what do you not want to miss?

I love the revolver fair, because my favorite brands come here. Otherwise there’s not much I don’t want to miss. If I’m too busy, I’ll skip anything. Fashion week can be overrated like that.

Can you tell us more about CPHFW and sustainable fashion?

It’s not so much in focus from the organizers, and of course this is a bummer. I would love to know where green brands are showing and what events are focused on fair fashion, but that’s hard.
However, there are always good events about sustainable fashion, they are maybe just more underground and small. I think we talk more about sustainable fashion during fashion summit in May, than in fashion week.

What can improve? What has more potential?

We’d love to have a green fair like in Berlin, but I don’t see that happening. But perhaps just a show could be nice.
I generally think CPHFW have become worse. There used to be a more public element with Copenhagen Fashion Festival and live screenings of every show, but lately it has become more closed. So I’m nostalgic about the times where the entire city felt what time it was.