One month of summer - #noblackclothes challenge

(c) Cherie Birkner

(c) Cherie Birkner

(c) Cherie Birkner

(c) Cherie Birkner

One month without black.

As easy as that.

Even though Swedish weather does not want to collaborate perfectly, I will embrace summer. And recently I really got into the mood to wear all white outfits. That doesn't go well with park picnics in the grass or bike wheels spinning on rainy streets. But that's the sacrifice of being a fashionista. Or rather, being stubborn when it comes to doing what keeps me going and creative.

Three reasons why.

1 // It's summer, baby.

"Sunrays break the sea. Light shimmers on the surface. The vibe calms me down." Haiku I made up myself haha

Which other month could I have picked to experiment with colors, whites and anything that yells happy mood?! Black and dark colors naturally do not go well with sunrays: colors may fade and the surface heats up quicker, making dat body sweat.

2 // Experiment with your wardrobe.

I want to show you how easy it is to re-style your style. Don't be stuck in old habits and routines and discover your own closet. I've recently bought a new waist belt by a Malmö based designer which gives me loads of new opportunities with lose dresses. Sometimes I give it a trial with layering. Dresses over culottes or shirts under dresses. And some others, like Lisa, do different capsule challenges.

I will park my black clothing in the most hidden corners of our all white apartment, not being able to see them daily for the next four weeks.

3 // Black is Scandinavian.

"The morning rises. The smell of rain in the grass. Yellow is my happy color." Haiku I made up myself once more.

I'm actively playing with the stereotype of #allblackeverything. Black can be majestic, yet cool and down to earth. Once a year I wear a week #allblack, but usually I tend to mix it up. (Read why in this blog post).

No matter what time of the year it is, Scandinavians stick to their minimalist looks. A lot of black, potentially paired with whites, nudes or greys. Or denim. Those combinations never get old. But as you may know, I love mustard (and recently heard someone calling it 'mango' and I can very much relate. It's by coincidence my favorite fruit). I do not want to adjust, nor do I want to blend in into my environment.

Personal challenges? That I barely have trousers that are not black! That I'm too lazy in the morning to make an effort. That my female cycle sometimes yells 'make me invisible', when I don't feel comfortable at all. That black is business attire and I may need that. 

Everything will be documented in my Insta Story. So make sure you pop by there and check out my daily outfits. And this experiment will exclude undies, shoes and my beloved companion, the black AEP backpack.

What's your challenge? Capsule or color blocking? Downsizing or keep it the way it always worked?

(c) Cherie Birkner

(c) Cherie Birkner

Thank you Cherie for the pictures. And you go and check out her sustainable fashion matterz project here!

Photos: Cherie Birkner

Location: Funkhaus Berlin