Moments between friendship, summer breeze and Swedish design

Malmö has been a great home to me. Cycling through the city and feeling a beach breeze on the skin. Friends next to you, as you're heading to a picnic on the beach. You feel the soft sun, just about to bow down the horizon. Birds slide in the winds, circle after circle. Sweden, thank you for these moments.

I've been able to spend a year in a beautiful Scandinavian city, with new friends, new memories and new experiences. I've not only found a great companion to goof around for the blog, but my flat mate turned out to become a soul mate instead.

We were able to cycle down to coast line to a hidden beach to shoot our friendship together. Dianne and I both ended up seeing Malmö as one of our stations, before heading out to the world again, exploring new chapters of our life. That's described incredibly well on Elina's blog, the great woman behind the lense.

I don't wear used underwear, other in the case than gifts from my mum when she had her sexy time. Guys, 90's style bras are the most comfy. Besides this cotton one of course haha.

Sweden is not only my station for inspiration and personal growth, but widely known for it's fashion. Scandinavian labels are not only timeless and often known for their quality, but some even do good while doing business. Surely I prefer vintage pieces and second hand, - but not when it comes to lingerie. So I've been able to collaborate with Swedish Eco, born in 2015 in Gothenburg. The underwear label has basically provided me with the softest bra I've ever had which is both, organic and GOTS certified at the same time. (if you don't know what the GOTS certificate is, check out this YouTube).

We say no to GMO-seeds, pesticides and fertilizers - you should be in control over
what’s closest to your skin.

The brand provides a classic style, wearable every day or for lazy Sundays at home.

The outfit:

Blouse - borrowed by Dianne

Trousers - thrifted at Goodwills in the US

Shoes - old Vagabonds from 2010.

Bottle - thrifted in the US

Check Swedish Eco for some lazy Sunday lingerie and let me know where you shop for new underwear in the comments below peopleezzz.

This is a sponsored post. Thank you Anna for being such a great point of contact. And again Elina who captures all these moments.