FashRev: from instagram take overs to blogger collabs


Word. Yes, I do believe that anyone in this society should think of more sustainable solutions and act upon it. It's easy and I'll show you some great examples: from Instagram takeovers, to one picture, to fun videos and events. Especially for Fashion Revolution Day on April 24th, next Monday, a lot of people raise their voice. I've explained you here what Fashion Revolution is about.

Fashion Revolution uses the date to encourage millions of people world wide to ask brands ‘Who made my clothes?’ and demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain. The global fashion industry is opaque, exploitative and environmentally damaging and desperately needs revolutionary change. We love fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet.

And being motivated by all the people engaging, here is what is happening in my environment that inspires me:

1. What events are happening in Sweden and Germany.

BLN: Future Forward Fashion is setting up activities, workshops and much more fun stuff for a whole week! VinoKilo is of course part as well. Check the FB event here.

HH: My lovely colleagues Kunstkinder and others such as Kleiderei will be gathering for some drinks at B-Lage. Check the FB event here.

LUND: Lunds biggest clothing swap. How can you miss this craziness?! Check the FB event here.

MALMÖ: The Swedish Ambassador is organizing a Get Together at my favorite green store AbSmåland in Malmö. Check the FB event here.

MALMÖ: FashRev can be fun for children too. Check the FB event here.

2. Jess and her projects.

By coincidence, Jess and I ended up being two German expat bloggers, living closely to each other here in Sweden. She's raising her voice as well and activates some great things. Her blog is not only about Fair Fashion, but also personal growth and her Yoga insights.

“As global citizens, we have the right to choose where we want to live and work. We are totally free in our decisions. That’s why I wanted to take on responsibility for Fashion Revolution in my home town Nuremberg and the country where I currently live, Sweden.”

Jess is being not only a green blogger, but also a co-organizer of the FashRev event for kids in Malmö, which is all about workshops and DIYs. Educational purpose dressed up in fun activities. Being a city ambassador, she takes her responsibility seriously (not like me for Rhein-Main) and will meet up with the Fair Fashion Label Trikotesse and Second Hand Store VINTY'S and talk about the importance of a fair fashion industry.

But also, a little fun thing is being released: This great soul is doing a Haulternative with Kia Lindroos. This is the opposite of a traditional fashion haul where you go shopping and post a video of what you've bought. A Haulternative is an alternative way to refresh your wardrobe without buying new clothes. I'm excited for that!

Give this girl some love (and likes) here :) 

3. What I'm involved in.

There is never enough awareness creation for Slow Fashion! In a nutshell, I will be:

releasing a free eBook on how to slow down your wardrobe

taking over the SWOP SHOP Instagram account for a week

present two alternatives to be trendy, - Something Borrowed and Swop Shop

4. What you can do.

Engage by asking brands one question.

Post a picture on social media with a shirt inside out to show your label. Use #whomademyclothes to ask the brand for more transparency in the fashion industry. The more people participate, the more we can spread the word.

Or join one of the events, leave some love with Jess and check out my blog next week.