Something Borrowed? Less shopping and more clothes.

Our current generation is all about convenience, laziness and at the same time fulfilment. We want to wear trends and look good in clothes, but with zero effort and money. We want to consume. And we want it now.

Our well-connected society offers great opportunities to conventional shopping. I assume you as a reader of my blog are aware that you can go on a thrift hunt and buy second hand rather than fast fashion, - but there is much more out there!

In dedication to Fashion Revolution Day on April 24th (read more about my theme here), there is a great option to look dope.


Borrow it.


To my German friends: If you want to look into borrowing, check out Kleiderei. The two founders are putting together items with love and dedication. A monthly subscription lets you either pick pieces yourself or let the ladies do it. And don't worry, they know what will suit you!

Something Borrowed has been found by two ladies, late in 2016. With the idea to decrease the negative footprint of the textile industry by prolonging clothes lifecycles, Madlén and Daniella have stepped up their game and found the company. With clothing being used multiple times by multiple individuals, the usage of each items is increased.

This is how it works: You register for your subscription online. Once this is done, you can select the items of your choice. Each shipping includes 3 items, but you can order up to 6 items a month, with only paying the subscription fee once. In my case, the items have arrived at mine within 2 days. And when you feel like sending them back, you simply use the same box and drop it off at the post office, together with the return note. They even include nice washing instructions, so I don't mess it up.

So here are the three items I've picked: Like in the pictures above, a dusty pink long sleeved Monki shirt (which perfectly matches my coat, jackpot!), an orange suede leather jacket and a print dress. Unfortunately the dress is too big for mah bootie haha, so this I won't be able to wear.

I had great fun shooting the rose pink sweater with awesomeness Elina at the STPLN skate park in Malmö. We've combined the long sleeve with other items of my wardrobe. To me it is important to stay within a color scheme, which is obviously pink here, as well as feeling comfortable. This item perfectly matches my closet and thus, I'd even keep it. The long sleeves fully represent my feeling while shooting on a cold day in Malmö.

From a sustainability perspective: Borrowing clothes from a rental service means the following: One item is being utilized many more times than sitting in the back of your closet. Every 5th item is our closet is not being worn at all. By giving access to one item to multiple people means making use of it to the most. This business is part of the sharing economy, an industry I geek about a lot, as my master thesis is about it as well. The goal of Something Borrowed is to help decrease the negative footprint of the textile industry by prolonging clothes lifecycles and helping consumers to make more conscious decisions. By picking 3 to 6 items each month, you actively build your wardrobe, with emotions of excitement. You may feel like doing conventional shopping (with an online shop, a package delivery and home trials), but in a green way. Hence, you need to buy less and still have access to trendy and stylish things. Big like!

From an entrepreneurial perspective: I do recommend Something Borrowed. With a soft launch just a month ago, the girls are testing waters. Still in an early phase, the last time I've looked into the wardrobe (aka their online store) they stocked up more items, of which I totally fell in love with three again I've then ordered. They grow their product portfolio which keeps you excited to discover new items. They pack items full with love, helpful instructions and easy handling. Again, this concept fully works within the convenience society. Keep your eyes open, such a sharing economy system is a great alternative and fingers crossed it can grow big in Sweden!

(trench coat from VinoKilo / long sleeve by something borrowed / denim dress from VinoKilo / shoes old from Vagabonds)

Thanks to Daniella and Madlén for letting me test this great concept for Fashion Revolution month on my blog. This is a sponsored product test. And shoutout to Elina for the dope pictures again.