Ever asked yourself 'Who Made My Clothes'?


This month my öko blog will celebrate in the light of Fashion Revolution and will be all about alternative fashion models.

I'd love to introduce you to a global movement, happening on April 24th; Fashion Revolution:

The global fashion industry is opaque, exploitative and environmentally damaging and desperately needs revolutionary change. We love fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet. [Fashion Revolution]

On April 24th 2013, more than one thousand people were killed (!!!) and plenty more injured with the collapse of a factory building, Rana Plaza, in Bangladesh. Being one of the main countries for clothing supply, the working conditions are not even nearly fair and ethical. Fashion Revolution uses the date to encourage millions of people world wide to ask brands ‘Who made my clothes?’ and demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

With asking one simple question, we all may be able to solve one complex problem:


I love love love Fashion Revolution! It grows yearly and more than 55 countries participate. It shows how we as consumers have an impact with a simple social media movement. And that's what counts: Stand up, raise your voice and do what others are too afraid to stand up for.

Germany is doing a lot this year. There is a Fashion Revolution Festival together with VinoKilo happening in Berlin, a local campaign in Hamburg and probably much more I haven't heard of. Well, another rumor is a collaboration between us bloggers, but can't say more at this point... Keep an eye open yall!

But besides highlighting the 24th of April, it is a great opportunity to present some fashion alternatives through out the month.

How can we consume less Fast Fashion, but still be stylish and trendy?

This month will focus on fashion alternatives, both online and offline. There are crazily inspiring people out there, who make an impact on the Fast Fashion industry. And I want to present these to you. Both, in Sweden and Germany.

Excited? Inspired? Who is your fashion movement inspiration? Leave a comment for Kimmi, xx