Playing with perceptions: Do I need to look tough to kick ass?

People judge you by your appearance. Widely known, right? So we change our style according to the needs and situations: We dress up for the occasion and if we feel comfortable depends highly on how we feel in our clothes that situation. And society definitely assumes me to look different when I go to uni every day or when I end up celebrating my graduation.

But in some cases, I really do feel more secure when 'dressing up' accordingly. Do I need to look tough to kick ass?

Especially when networking, sitting in a trendy co-working space or sipping tea somewhere, I sometimes end up talking about business and moving into my 'pitch mode'. Just recently I've been to a great place in Malmö, Saluhall, bumping into an influencer and talking about business. And the second I realized I've been wearing a boring outfit that day may not create the best picture of myself. Hence, I felt uncomfortable. And yes it sometimes happens that I'm wearing my pyjamas and morning gowns in public.

Playing with gender-perceptions and stereotypical accessoires, bebravetextiles lets me look kick-ass in a feminine way. I'd generally describe my style as girly, because of the emphasis of the cuts and shapes, less due to color. Their cute ties and bow ties let me add a masculine touch to my style and I still identify myself in the clothes and the style.

Clothes are indeed important to me (who would have guessed that?!), as they can soooo so  change your feeling of well-being. But only to some extend. Reflecting back on Berlin, I've looked like a homless in an oversized Burka and still rocked the Green Buzz stage with a talk. And I was happily able to meet founder Ieva at our fashion event and have adored her aura and how approachable she is.

And we're on the same mission:

"We care about our environment and encourage people to buy handmade upcycled fashion accessories. By doing so we prevent wasting potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of new raw materials, which can result in a reduction of energy usage, air pollution, water pollution and even green house gas emissions." bebravetextiles

If only I could tie these things myself...

PS: It's adorable how the whole family is included in this business. Check out the About page and read about her creative and inspiring family!

Thank you Elina for the fun shoot, xx.