Not so fashionable, but at least I wore layers of clothes!

Fashion Week makes me be pretty excited. Not because of trends or new collections, but because of the people I meet. This year, I've mainly worked my ass off, but had the chance to participate in some interesting things. Luckily we had some great visitors over at our first Fashion Show. (Check my other blog post on VinoKilo x Berlinfashionweek)

Fashion Week is the time when I embrace some more creativity than for daily life. I usually end up wearing clothes I feel utmost comfortable in, which may not be the craziest.

Some inspirations:

Surprisingly, mustard has not been my color to go, but a dark and moody red. All in all I was really happy with the stuff I put into my luggage, as I was prepared with some layers for the cold days. Check out what I have been wearing:

Collage by pictures from Elina Nomad and Cherie Birker