Minimal wardrobe requires some color matching

When it comes to a sustainable and long-lasting wardrobe, buzz words such as capsule, declutter and downsize come up. I personally feel the most comfortable mixing between different strategies and finding what suits my patterns and buying behaviours.

Through out my experiment earlier I wanted to downsize the number of items I own without losing the uniqueness of my wardrobe. So what is it that I feel most comfortable in? Easy answer: I have always loved mustard. Early childhood pictures show me wearing a sunflower print and it's a shame those analogues lie somewhere in a cellar. Early on I figured that this color suits the tone of my skin as well as my mood. Other people feel most comfortable in black.  Mustard feels like wearing something subtile to me. It doesn't jump right into your face and still conveys a hint of brightness and positivity. People come up to me because of the color. So why not make it a thing to brand myself?

To build the perfect downsized and minimal wardrobe, you can follow a strategy to build everything around one highlight. I followed a color scheme, but other fashionable people work with cuts, shapes or materials to align all of these with each other.

Capsule wardrobe is a micro-wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you completely love. All pieces should be complementing each other to create unlimited combinations. Not only does this de-stress the whole idea of getting dressed in the morning, but also saves you some money. Some base it on a small amount of 30 pieces for 3 months, others work with 10, excluding underwear, socks and accessoires.  

My styles are too crazy to be combined with each other endlessly and I also do not want to lose the sense of artsiness in my closet. Therefore, I minimize the following:

Find your base colors. Mine are pretty easy to identify: denim, black and white.

Find your eye catcher. Yup, easy. Mustard. Some friends even call it 'kim-yellow'.

Know how to combine both. This is basic chromatics (= color theories).

Being sensitive enough to know which color works with which, you can intuitively work with complementary colors or those close to each other in a color scheme.

Mustard works with a lot of base tones. I've included dark greys, denim or white for the summer months:

Crazy as I am, I cannot let go of colors and picked some color blocking schemes with it. These allow me to buy bright pink trench coats, red bomber jackets or crazy green velvet pants. Right now I own about 10 pieces in mustard: shirts, sweaters, dresses (long sleeves as well as summer dresses) and some socks. Basically items which are wearable in each of the seasons.

Make mistakes. Last summer I've fell in love with an orange tunika. After wearing it once in a while I've realized that it doesn't match my minimalistic approach at all (bright orange doesn't work with mustard in any way, yikes!). And reflecting up on it, it was a spontaneous and emotional buy a la 'gosh I need to treat myself, let's go to the second hand shop without using my brain'. Mistakes are a part of the process—there’s no such thing as a perfect wardrobe and you grow into it.

Don't forget: If you have an urge to acquire new items, do it either second hand or fair. There is not need to go to Fast Fashion chains. Browse your favorite second hand store and search with a functioning brain.