That Asian girl and her Kimono Crush...

On my journey of finding my personal fashion consumption to avoid fast fashion, I am now sure I have found the perfect slow fashion piece, - my Kimono.

This Kimono is handmade, probably before the 1990's. I bought this awesome piece at our Vintage Kilo Sale in Cologne, where we first sold Kimonos. I of course had to get one, just to underline my Asian look once in a while. I also love making jokes on Asians but that's another story. I've requested a friend of mine to search a Kimono for me and she came up with this beautiful one, which I immediately fell in love with. After taking it back home have realized several things which made me be even more excited:

  1. you can wear it inside out, - either more colorful or keeping it simple with nudes & beiges.

  2. It's handmade!

The sewing style and way the different materials have been put together made me suggest it has been hand-sewed. I of course looked for a label tag at the beginning or washing instructions, which I was unable to find. After asking a very knowledgeable friend, he told me that these materials must be bought somewhere in Asia and that the sewing style is totally different to was is being taught here in the West. Thus, no machines have been used.

Knowing our supply chain of VinoKilo I can tell that this Kimono traveled a long journey, which started in Japan. Gosh, I get so excited thinking about this! Who has dedicated her or his time to sew this unique piece? Was there a purpose? Why is it double-sided? And who has worn and loved it before I fell in love?

There are of course no indications on how I could find a previous owner, but I would love to unfold the magic behind this piece. It somehow reminds me of the French movie 'Amelie' you should watch...

Briefly talking about the rest: the trousers have been bought by mummy in the 90's, the shoes are from Oxfam and the shirt from Augustine, a fair trade boutique in Mainz. And pictures are by amazing Isabel Hayn, the photo godess.


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