Fashion Revolution Day - some thoughts

yes, it's finally Fashion Revolution Day. All 30 Bloggers above have teamed up to celebrate a full month in dedication to Fashion Revolution. 3 years ago over 1100 people died at the collapse of the fashion factory Rana Plaza. This is the true price we pay for fast fashion.

Our team of German Fair Fashion Bloggers has teamed up to present you 24 wonderful outfits and even 6 more joined.

I would like to use this opportunity to reflect. Each one of us has create a great outfit based on their interpretation. I prefer the mix of second hand and thrifted pieces combined with swapped or borrowed items. I am not the greatest fan of advertising slow fashion brands. Yes they're great because they produce under fair conditions or whatsoever, but why don't we just use what already exists? Million tonnes of clothes go into landfills. Waste is not waste until we waste it! And waste does not disappear. The clothes you through away may disappear from your closet, but they simply change location and end up somewhere in India or Bangladesh. There is only this one planet and let's jointly try to make it a better one. By using the clothes that are available and readily produced we can give them a longer lasting life cycle, full of great stories and memories.

Just 2 days ago I have met a friend of mine which gave me the best feedback I could get. I browsed through a vintage store to look for a present for a friend of mine and met Julia. She was influenced by my experiment and intensively started thrifting and, even better: told everyone about it! She brought her mother with her and both happily thrifted in a cozy boutique in Mainz. Sharing your passion with others is great and that's what I am trying to express here. It is of course about influencing each other and broadening our mindsets, but you decide whether you change your fashion consumption or not. This blog can either help or not influence you at all. You pick.

And these awesome ladies picked the right choice haha:

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