DIY xmas presents: make your own facial and body peeling


If you have no clue what to give your bestie, mother in law or grannie, check out the easiest DIY ever. All ingredients are in your kitchen.

Presenting a basic recipe for a sugar / coconut oil peeling lets you decide yourself on further ingredients. For this post I have chosen a body scrub as well as facial peeling. Both base on a mixture of brown sugar and coconut oil.

Body Scrub with Coffee


The body scrub includes: 2 parts of coffee grounds, 2 parts of brown sugar, 1 to 1.5 parts of coconut oil. That equals for example:

2 TBS coffee ground

2 TBS brown sugar

1 TBS coconut oil

Add the ingredients all together, preferably coconut oil above room temperature (> 23°C) to let it melt. Mix, mix, mix and swoosh, there it is. As simple as that.

The coffee ground is a great base to activate your skin in the morning. The brown sugar lets you peel off excessive skin and coconut oil ensures that the new skin stays hydrated.

Facial Peeling with Lavender and Chamomile

This peeling is also based on coconut oil and brown sugar, but in a different mixing ratio. Using it as facial peeling, we should avoid a too scrubby consistency to avoid damage of the soft skin.

Use 1 part of brown sugar plus 1 part of coconut oil to hydrate the skin. This night peeling consists of lavender and chamomile. Both ingredients relax the skin, which lets me use it rather before going to bed. I apply the peeling under the shower and rinse it of after distributing the peeling in circular motions on forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Do avoid the eyes though. We don't want some rubbish to land in there.

The facial peeling consists of:

2 TBP of brown sugar

2 TBS of coconut oil

plus additional ingredients like lavender and chamomile.

I used one tea bag of chamomile plus one TBS of lavendar, handpicked locally. You may also add some essential oils to it for the scent of the peeling. Or even food coloring (which I would avoid, simply because I don't see the value add and it may cause allergic reactions). I personally avoid salt-based peelings for the skin, as my face strongly reacts to it.

Any ingredient can be added. Play around and see what your kitchen has to offer: maybe some black tea or green tea as well as essential oils like tea tree oil and others.

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