my personal trends for Berlin Fashion Week and total style crushes

Soon, big things will happen with VinoKilo in Berlin. As the Fashion Week is coming closer and closer, we will be contributing and I myself want to be ready for a darp event.

Sooo, while procastinating instead of studying, I've setup a list of things I would love to wear to the 3 day event. And I will of course only wear: Second Hand, borrowed stuff or Slow Fashion. A ladies night at mi casa will hopefully provide me with the best basics for the following:

heavy/oversized knit wear.

There is no way I'm going to freeze off my ass just to look trendy. Knitwear is currently the best thing to own in winter and despite the fact I live in cold Sweden I don't have any. Still, I urge to wear an oversized, heavy but incredibly comfy outfit.


My two style inspos who I have a total crush on are the queeeens in layerings. Layer after layer, these outfits don't only look comfortable, they also hide the additional paddings I've collected the last half a year whilst not giong to the gym anymore. May I introduce Jenny (@fashionindividual) from Hamburg and Maya Wyh. And I don't only wish for her layering skills, but also for her sexy last name. Future partner, can you please have a great last name? Layering skills I will make sure to practice the next couple of weeks.


Can you picture öko Kimmi without colors? Me neither. And despite the monochrome trend I've been crushing on, I don't feel comfortable, as earlier mentioned here. So there you go: color blocking. My second most fun experiment I've trialed this autumn (pinkand yellow go incredibly well together). So Berlin, I will bring some colors into the game.

flared jeans.

The reminder I've swore to myself in the early 2000's to never ever wear flared jeans again is.... uhm... gone. Totally out of date. They're back, as everything in Fashion. And I want them badly.

In terms of materials, I've thought of silk, leather, feather-kind of looking stuff, furry thingys and anything unusual. And I've you want to check my daily growing Mood Board, head over here and leave some love. And although I've been searching for multicultural inspirations that represent our diverse surrounding, I've mainly been able to find white, tall and skinny chics. Which kind of annoys me.

PS: My total dislikes are mesh tights and tigerssss..... urgh!

All pictures are sources from Pinterest