Let's share some intimate insights... I love my menstrual cup.



When your best friend requests a blog post on your menstrual cup, you just can't deny. Especially being a great believer in this awesome invention. Spend no more than 16 minutes on awesome YouTube Videos and we'll give you a wrap up on a girls new best friend. And for real, you'll straight rush into the store to get one!

7 hilarious reasons WHY to start

She's not only open to raise any kind of topic, but also funny.

I don't only use it because it's convenient (it can stay inside for 12 h), but also sustainable. Less trash, less money you spend on hygiene products in the long run and you can't feel it.

So here we go, the next one will give you some good laughs as well, especially 2:10, - that's literally my vagina once a month haha

and in case you need some more scientific insights, there you go:

The geeky way to show you how it works:

Where to get the cup and what to consider:

There are several different brands. I use the Diva Cup, but simply because it was the only one available to me at that point. They have two different sizes and I'd generally recommend to use the smaller size. Please don't worry it won't spill over. No way. Mine is never more filled than two-thirds.

If you wanna support your locals, here are some recommendations to all who have asked me about it recently:

Mainz: Möhrenmilieu

Malmö: Astrid och Aprona

Or simply online.