10x10. How to live with less clothes. A decluttering attempt

Buying my clothes consciously does not necessarily mean that I own less. That's the naked truth. I still love dressing up, having a choice what to pick in the mornings and playing around with the items. For now, it's about time to declutter and become aware of all I own. And what's better than joining a style challenge based on 10 items?

(c) Viktor Holm

(c) Viktor Holm

"Fashion has always been a means of communicating. It's a memory of how it brought me and my grandmother closer together. It also created ties between me and my dad. I remember how he loved dressing me up for our Sunday walks. I love fashion and I will always do."

(c) Viktor Holm

(c) Viktor Holm

10x10 is a challenge established in 2015 by style bee Lee Vosburgh. And what it does is simple. You pick any 10 items of your current collection which you will wear 10 days, creating 10 different styles. That includes trousers, tops and shoes, but no sportswear, undies or accessories. You can do it whenever you want or join the community of #10x10friends who have regular dates to kick it off together. (Read more about the rules on Lee's blog).

When I started my blog 2015, I've owned too much and had too little of an overview. I followed every trend I liked and bought items even twice. When I decided to not buy Fast Fashion for a whole year, things have changed. I further followed the rule + 1 = - 2. One new item in meant two old items out of the collection. That helped me to decide consciously if that new piece was really necessary and helped allocate a personal value to it, other than the price itself. Now, having lived with a conscious buying behaviour for a while, I have found my personal style which I'm about to challenge with this experiment:

Have I settled on a specific style? Are all my items combinable multiple times? Could I style with joy and even less?

Styling challenges are great to experiment with your closet. 10x10 is about how multifunctional the current items are. It's a great movement towards more awareness, but also more fun with the existing items. I'm personally using this challenge to find out if I could declutter even less.

Who else is joining?

Besides Lee herself, you can check out several hashtags on Instagram, such as #Spring10x10 or #10x10friends.

I'm challenging Verena from My Green Closet and Franzi from Unpetitsouriresslowdown.

Another challenge? Here you go.

If you're curious about more wardrobe challenges, get inspired or add your own in the comments:

// Project 333. Style 33 items of the season for 3 months. 

// 5 piece French wardrobe. Buy only 5 additional pieces every season to your existing ones.

// no black. A personal challenge where I didn't wear black for a whole month. (check how I failed here)

// one outfit month. Wear the same basic (a blouse, a dress, etc.) as the foundament of your outfits for a whole month. 

And many many more. What was your latest challenge? Do you avoid these? 

(c) Viktor Holm

(c) Viktor Holm

These pictures have been taken in collab withViktor Holm. This is my favourite sweater at the moment, thrifted at VinoKilo