It all started when...

I decided to no buy fast fashion for one year. As 2015 passed, I managed to dive into a world full of great alternatives, a lively community and a newly found passion: sustainability.

This blog is still alive today, expressing my thoughts, concerns on the industry and sharing some valueable tips to all who want to dive into the same world as I did.

If you like to read more about sustainable fashion, my thinking processes and understanding of entrepreneurship, stay here. If you don't, then browse to find what interests you. I write about much more. And I consider this a creative space and collection of thoughts, rather than a conventional blog. 

I now work with this stuff...

Sustainability is a core value of my life and work. I was able to be part of an incredible social enterprise, VinoKilo. The start of a great venture helped me to understand entrepreneurship. Following this roller coaster ride, I build an academic foundation with the Master programme Leadership for Sustainability in one of the greenest countries of the world. Sweden. And since 2017 I coach and guide entrepreneurs in Sweden to scale their ideas.

Now, I want to help you to reach out to think, reach out to others and bloom with the experience I have gained. Let's collaborate and I make sure we'll have loads of fun!

PS: I'm afraid I can't be any more detailed here. With a range of passion projects I am running, things move quickly. So talk to me and ask me what I'm currently up to. I may surprise you! And thanks for reading all the way through, I appreciate it.


Picture ©Hanna Hempel